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I wanted to do a catch up post, about what has been going on in our world lately. I did a similar one a few weeks ago which documented what we had been getting up to so far over the summer holidays. I thought I would do another one as we have had another busy and fun week over here.

We visited a lovely local farm recently. We have been here numerous times, I have actually lost count now. But the children absolutely love it and it is easy on the wallet too. It’s only a pound for a bucket of feed.

Archie fell asleep just before we arrived. So I let him sleep in the pushchair. He woke up after about thirty minutes and in that time Sophia managed to spill all her feed on the floor, because when she had fed the small pony he had managed to nibble her finger and she nearly jumped out of her skin. She used this as an excuse to not feed any more larger animals, only baby lambs. So we bought her some more feed and gave some to Archie too when he woke up.

The Farm

The Farm

What I love most about this farm is that some of the baby lambs were wondering around freely. Phia and Archie enjoyed stroking the little lambs, and so did I. One lamb in particular was so very gentle and just lovely we all could have spent the whole morning with him.

The Farm

It was funny actually as we walked along the sheep were forcing their heads through the fence trying to grab some of Archie’s feed. He kept saying ‘no’ and ‘away’ he is very good at protecting his belongings and not sharing willingly! I thank Phia for this bless her. As always with siblings Phia doesn’t always share with him, so I think he has learned to stand his ground. Always a good trait. His little personality and confidence has developed so much recently and its just lovely to see.

The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

The Farm

As soon as Mr T arrived home from work in the evening, just before six o’clock, we took Phia out on her bike. She has only just learnt to ride it unaided so we want to keep her confidence growing. I caught some photos of her in action. She has grown up so much. This riding her bike unaided has really got to me, I think it is a really significant milestone in her life so far, even more so now that she is starting school. I remember when I first learnt to ride my bike, it was actually at my best friend Jamie-lee’s house in South Africa. I was about 4 or 5 years old. If I remember rightly her mum Karen pushed me off and said:  “you can do it”, and I did it.

I remember feeling so free and so happy once I learned to ride my bike. There was something that just clicked in my young mind. A deeper understanding is developed. You can physically acknowledge that you are in control of this bike and only you can ride it, no one else can do it for you. Learning to ride a bike is a great analogy for life, especially for young children because they understand they have done this themselves and it really grows their confidence. It teaches them that no matter what, in living life, anything is possible and a you can do it attitude.

Above all Sophia learning to ride her bike has created a stronger and deeper bond between herself her dad and I. She sees we want her to have more independence, to grow and learn, she trusts us and sees that we love and adore every inch of her because we put the time in to teach her. We want her to do well, we want her to strive. It is in the simplest of joys in life, that is teaching your child to ride a bike, that so much is gained between all of you.

If it wasn’t for the long and beautiful summer evenings it would have been a little difficult to teach her. The longer evenings is something I really love about Summer. Mostly because it stays lighter for longer so we can go on an evening walk or take Sophia out on her bike. This will be very different in the winter so we are trying to take full advantage of it now.

Learning to ride a bike

I filmed a Day In Our Life Vlog on Monday which is over on my youtube channel. I have posted it below if you want to have a look.

I said in a previous blog post that I had bought some lavender and that I was really getting into gardening. I think I mentioned in my first channel vlog, that I had just started using the lawnmower! If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed by now that I have a little obsession with lavender! So this weekend just gone, my mother-in-law came over and we worked on our front garden planting my lavender, ready for next year, by then the lavender plants should be huge. I am looking so forward to seeing how they grow and hoping that they grow well. I am also looking forward to trimming the lavender in about 5 weeks time and letting it dry out. I am going to keep it in the house for a while. I love the smell of lavender. It is such a soft and gentle smell but at the same time a very noticeable smell too.

I also did a video of our time in the garden on Sunday, I have put it below if you want to have a look.

While we did the garden, the boys (my husband and father in law) got to work on the kitchen, a pipe was leaking so they removed the radiator and re did all the piping, as the whole wall is now exposed with all the dated ripped wallpaper on show in all its glory, so we will be plaster boarding it and decorating it in the next few weeks. Mr T is also going to build us a cupboard to cover the boiler. So all good things, and lots going on as usual. Thanks for reading and see you all next week.
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  1. August 20, 2015 / 10:31 am

    This whole post made me feel really home sick. I just want to snatch my baby up and hightail it back where we can go to farms and ride bikes without becoming sweaty puddles in the class. Lovely photos!


  2. August 20, 2015 / 8:15 pm

    Aww this looks like so much fun! You got some great pictures too!!!

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