{Our Weekend in Shropshire} Day #2

Our last day was spent at the lovely Park Hall Farm. I have honestly never been to a farm with so many activities on offer for children and adults alike. It was such a great day, if you are ever in the area we really recommend it.

The children had so much fun with the animals. At Park Hall Farm they were able to hold the baby rabbits, pet the adult rabbits, brush the pony, and feed the baby lambs. Sophia was in heaven, she loves nothing more than spending her time with animals.Archie’s little face when he had a turn stroking the rabbits was so sweet. Every time he went close to a rabbit he would cup his hands to his mouth and look at me with his little brown eyes showing me just how excited he was.

There is something so beautiful watching your child experience life, it’s in the smallest moments. Watching Sophia and Archie feed the lambs’ was so lovely, I saw the glimmer of true happiness in their little eyes. As Archie’s chubby little fingers cupped the bottle, he so willingly helped the lady feed the lamb. It was in this experience that I saw how truly grown up he is. How fast his eighteen months of life has flashed past me as if a mere instant in time. My little boy is growing up and it is pure magic to see. To watch him take on tasks, participate in activities his sister partakes in, try his hardest to attempt the things he is just a bit too small to do, which he achieves with great gusto and enthusiasm. I see life through his eyes, his perception of life right now is simple, it is the perception that we all should be aiming for and it is that no mountain is too high for my Archie!

After feeding the lams’ we enjoyed the outdoors at Park Hall Farm, both myself my husband and the children all attempted the hoppers, which was so much fun!

We all had a chance to choose a winning pig for the pig race, this was so much fun too! Sophia myself and Sophia’s Aunty chose the blue pig, expecting a winner, but we lost, our greedy pig came in last behind all the other pigs, he was in no hurry at all!

We then waited for a turn on the tractor planes, which Sophia was so excited about. She leant on the fence and asked me all sorts of questions, about the pigs, the farm and life. And I listened and took photos of her beautiful self standing before me, as I tend to do a lot!

We had the most fantastic time here at Park Hall Farm, and would definitely recommend it. It really is a great family day out. A great end to our family trip. We had such a lovely two days in Shropshire, we can’t wait to return and explore more, and make many more memories to add to our family jar, of life, experiences, memories, and dreams…

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  1. June 13, 2015 / 8:29 pm

    These photos are gorgeous! Looks like you had a lovely weekend..
    Thank you so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky hope too see you again Sunday.

  2. November 21, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Oh lovely post, we like all sorts of farms, we are lucky to have lots of farms nearby we can visit and have fun with the kids. So important to introduce them to how our food is being produced.

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