Our family Wish List for 2020

I am here with a wish list today. Hope you are all enjoying January so far. It’s been a lovely start to the New year for us. The big two, Sophia and Archie have only just gone back to school so their first week back has been good. It’s been lovely to get back into routine and have Arthur home with me too. We have done a musical class and he has gone to Creche a couple of times to play while I worked. So an ordinary week here for us but a good one. 

I said in my last post I will be putting together a family bucket list which I did last year for us for the first time but actually never got around to publishing it here on my blog last year. I actually prefer to call it our intention wish list, because thats exactly what it is, a wish list of experiences we would like to do throughout the year. 

There are lots of things I want to do this year so I am going to pop them into a little intention wish list for us. I am also a very fickle person and my mind is constantly changing every moment so we will see if I add to this as the year goes on. This will be my first year  that I publish them on my blog and I will go over them next year. 

Go on a family holiday abroad. Visit Liverpool. Visit Wales. Move house. Visit London. Go to Bluestone Wales. Visit Hever Castle. Go swimming. Visit a beach. Go to the seaside for fish and chips. Have dinner parties with friends. See our friends for lunches in the summer. Visit a museum. Get the children back into swimming lessons. Go cycling as a family. Have a spa break. Take the children to play crazy golf. Go away for a mini break at the end of the year. Have at least one date night a month. Go to the theatre at Christmas. Visit Harry Potter World. Have more family time. Go on lots of woodland walks. Spend every weekend outdoors over spring and summer. Have my family over for dinner. Film a house tour to keep. Make an effort to record more. Visit either Chessington or Legoland. Visit a zoo. Publish at least one blog post a week for the whole year. 

So there you have our wish list. I think I have got lots on there. Most of it is experiences and days out, which are things that I find most important and as a family we get the most out of. I think this list is pretty doable for the year. I have also added a few personal ones, like recording more and publishing a blog post at least once a week. 

Although if we do end up moving house some of the things might have to be done the following year but we will see how we get on. Lots of things to look forward to. It is nice to have this wish list to have some goals for the year. It is equally as nice to not have a list too because you can be spontaneous. This year I wanted to try one out on my blog and see how we get on with it. 

I equally love making lists and also being spontaneous so a wish list could work just as well for me as not making a list! Contradictory I know, but its true and I am a gemini so thats how I roll! 

I am going forward this year finding a balance of working hard and freeing myself from pressure. This is my vibe for 2020. Feeding my mind with as much positivity and motivation as I can and doing what I love everyday. So expect lots more content! I love writing (not that I am amazing at it)  and blogging is still my most loved platform online along with Instagram so I hope this year to be around lots more. 

I wish you guys the best year EVER! Are you putting together an intention wish list at all or do you prefer to be spontaneous? 


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