Our Christmas 2014

pic555 pic444Sorry I have been missing over the Christmas period, but I have being so busy enjoying and soaking up every moment with my family. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas too. We held a dinner party at ours for our family this Christmas, which was an event in itself and really was so very special. My husband cooked the whole meal himself, and we managed to fit 13 of us into our quaint front room.  I only managed to capture a few pictures, my mind was elsewhere (focusing on the Christmas and having a good memorable time) and I forgot to reach for my camera at every moment.

Sophia was a little overwhelmed this year, having everyone at our’s and getting so extremely spoilt, I am not sure she knew entirely how to deal with all this attention. In turn she had a few cries and moans, but after a good night’s sleep she was back to her usual self on boxing day and we enjoyed the rest of the week at her granny and granddad house, eating lots of cheese and crackers and playing  family games.

Regardless of Sophia feeling overwhelmed she thoroughly enjoyed opening all her presents, I think this year was the first year she didn’t get bored of opening presents, and opened every last one. Archie on the other hand had all his present opened for him by his big sister, and Sophia enjoyed playing with both her new toys and Archie’s.

Christmas 2014 was very special, my little Sophia had a wonderful time and I had every single person I wanted with me on Christmas, I feel very lucky to share my life with such loving and caring people. It was a pleasure to have everyone at ours, to eat good food, enjoy each other’s company and have our busy children running around too.  I hope you all had the most warm, and happy Christmas too, shared with your loved one’s and filled with lots of love.





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