On making our house a home

white eBay bed set

Having recently moved, we are slowly getting the house sorted the way we want, decorating and adjusting all the rooms in the house.

We recently decided to change the children’s room around and now that Archie is older get him a bed. We decided on bunk beds, because Sophia is old enough to go on the top, and although Archie is only 16 months he is fine on a bed, as he has never really slept in a crib.

white bunk beds

Both the children love their new beds and look forward to bedtime every night.  My husband put the beds up during the week, and I am really pleased with them and the marching duvets, which I bought from Ikea, Sophia chose the cloud pillow for herself and the sun for Archie. There is till so much I plan to do with their room, but we are off on holiday in less than 7 days so I will complete their room when we are back.

bunk bed set

Ikea cloud duvet

Ikea duvet set

Ikea Pillow

white eBay bed

Our next project is the kitchen and laundry room which we are hoping to start shortly after holiday. We want to extend the kitchen to make it bigger and the laundry room will probably stay as it is.

It was such a nightmare as just before we moved as our washing machine broke and I was stuck for almost a week waiting for the new one to be delivered. There are some great Panasonic washing machines available online, to suit your needs, click here if you would like to have a look.

Luckily all is sorted now and we have no problems whatsoever with our new machine. I am absolutely loving the fact I can hang my washing out on the line thanks to the beautiful sunny weather we are getting in Kent at the moment. Hope you are all enjoying your week.

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  1. April 27, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    They are great bunk beds, and I’m a fan of your duvet covers too! We might just have the very same one! Thanks for sharing with #MyFavouritePost

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