Not so ‘mummy’ moment

For as long as I can remember I have  always had a love for and great interest in make up. I love transforming my face, and in my growing years I would always
enjoy being creative on my friends and family.

I have never taken this hobby of mine any further because I have taken on many other meaningful things in my life, being a mum and wife has taken over most of my time and doing a degree takes up a little more of that me time I have too.

So what I enjoy most is when I have 30 minutes or so to myself to sit in front of the mirror and create my face.

It’s one of my life’s simple pleasures to look at my face, this one I was given, and enhance it in some way, as I brush the eye shadow on my eyes, create shadows to accentuate my cheekbones, hide the natural blemishes on my skin, and carefully draw around my lips and eyelids, the quiet concentration is almost meditative. It’s great therapy, I enjoy it so. Especially being able to take pictures of my creation afterwards.

I don’t get these moments often, as I said, so, yesterday was date day and it was just me and my man for 4 hours and I was in heaven. (What better excuse to play with my makeup).

My husband works a lot and sometimes late into the evening, sometimes the kids are bathed fed and in bed before he gets in. Aside from this and his work commitments, in my eyes my husband is the perfect man husband and father. What he does for the three of us is immeasurable. He does his best in every aspect of his life and I appreciate that and love that about him so very much. Having those four hours with him yesterday reminded me of every little thing I adore about him. After 6 years 2 children and 2 years marriage we are still so very much in our honeymoon period of our relationship, and enjoying every moment of this journey together. We both got so lucky. I am forever grateful.

So here are some pictures I took on my iphone:






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