New SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom | Review

*Products in this post were gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Its coming up to Christmas soon and I am so excited to be sharing the new SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom collectables with you today! If your little one is into collectables then this is the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

What are SuperZings?

SuperZings are mini superheroes and mini villains who live in the city of Kaboom. They all belong to one of six gangs, that each has a team captain and a vehicle or hideout.

They are collectable figures. The figures are tiny rubbery characters which are bright in colour and are either superheroes or supervillains. Perfect to spark our little one’s imaginations and creativity.

SuperZings Monster Roller

This is the SuperZing’s Monster Roller which looks so much fun. It comes with two exclusive SuperZing figures.

Archie will love that the Monster Roller has a Super canon and is able to swallow SuperZings by rolling over them, and then can eject them.

The Monster Roller is great for sparking your little ones imagination and creativity. You can purchase it for £23.99 from The Entertainer right now, as price is currently marked down.

SuperZings Power Tower Assault

The SuperZings Tower of assault comes with two superZing figures. You can launch the superhero down the ramp into the mouth of the Power Tower. Your little one must aim well as not get the superZing hero imprisoned in the tower.

The power tower looks like a lot of fun you can purchase it from The Entertainer for £20. This would be perfect to gift alongside the monster roller as a set.

SuperZings Kazoom Lab

This Kazoom Lab will be the perfect set with the Monster Roller and Power Tower Assault. It would make a great set and be the perfect way to spark their imaginations and creativity.

The Kazoom Lab comes with unique and exclusive Enigma and Professor K figurines. Contains 1 laboratory, a ship, a robot and an exclusive Engima and Professor K.

All items listed are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

The Kazoom Lab is on deal at The Entertainer for £31.99 currently.

SuperZing Figures

There are so many superZing figures and play-sets to collect it really makes the perfect collectable toy for girl or boy aged 3 or above.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about each product and the current deals over at The Entertainer. They are selling so go go go if you think this is something your little one would love.

Happy Christmas Shopping.


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