My Top Ten Posts of 2019

Last year I did my Top Ten Blog posts for 2018 after seeing Donna do it and loved the Idea. I have gone through and looked at my most popular posts for 2019 here on my blog and what you all enjoyed reading the most. So here is a little run down of the top ten.

We are Konfidence Swimmologists 2019

Last year we were really Lucky to work with Konfidence on their campaign to get little ones swimming. Arthur loved his swimwear from Kondfidence and we used it both at the swimming pool, his lessons and when we visited the beach.

AD | Sky Broadband Buddy App Challenge

I absolutely loved working on this campaign with Sky. We still use the app a year later and it’s great the children know the set times in the evenings when all the electronics go away ready to settle down for bedtime.

Why I am reading one book a month this year and why you should too?

I loved putting this post together last year. I really wanted to read more. I didn’t get round to reading 12 books over the year but I did manage about 5 which I was happy with, alongside working two little ones in school with clubs and a one year old I think five books is quite a good achievement. This year I am planning to read too.

I have just purchased a really good book which I have started reading on recommendation from Donna. I absolutely love it so far and already feel like I am learning so much. It is called The Working Woman’s Handbook. It even has activities throughout the book to help inspire and motivate you with everything you need for a successful creative career. It’s really great I am so far really enjoying it.

My last pregnancy diary | 38 weeks pregnant

I just love that this post came up this year as one of my top 10! How lovely. I remember writing this post and actually this was written just before I met my little Arthur.

De-cluttering with Marie Kondo – is it really life changing?

I have always been one for de cluttering but last year decided to watch a few of Marie Kondo’s series and it really motivated me to de-clutter even more. I might watch a few more soon to get myself motivated to sort my kitchen cabinets from the last year as they really need it.

AD |Britax Advansafix IV R Carseat

I was gifted this carseat as part of a previous campaign and thought it would be really helpful to share my thoughts on it here for others looking for a carseat for their little one. So that was the idea behind writing this post. I wasn’t asked to do so, but I always disclose products. Really glad you found this helpful.

Our New Bathroom Reveal

This was on my top ten last year too and is still up there with my top posts. This was one of the biggest jobs we attempted in our house and the outcome was just so lovely although it needs a repaint now already, as it has been years since we renovated it.

Our Trip to Ibiza

I love that this came up in my top ten this year! This was a trip in a lifetime for me and dan purely because it was just the two of us. We didn’t take the children and we have never ever left them for this amount of time before. We went for five days. It was a huge milestone for me because I get quite anxious leaving them but it showed me they are absolutely fine without me and with other family that love them.

It is something I would like to do with Dan again is it wishful thinking wanting to do it once a year or at least every two years. This year we have too much on our plate so won’t be able to do two holidays one with the children and one without. We are going to a wedding alone for two nights in this August though, so this year I will count that as our holiday together.

5 simple lunchbox idea for kids

I have never done a post like this on my blog before. But looks like it was something you all enjoyed. The kids love their lunchboxes and its a great way for me to offer them a variety of foods.

A sneak peak at Sophia’s new room

This is the last post in my top ten. Sophia’s room is one of my favourite rooms in our house it’s so girly and pink and I love it. Last year we split our larger room into two to make a bedroom for Sophia and a bedroom for the boys.

This post was a little sneak peak. It since looks completely different to the pictures in this post and now has a single bed instead of this double.

So there you have my top ten posts of 2019. I really hope you enjoyed this little round up.

I am genuinely so happy that you guys are enjoying my content it makes me so happy. And to see lots of my sponsored and paid work coming up in my top views is so lovely. I work really hard to make sure the brands I work with aline with our family and what we would purchase and use anyway. I just wanted to say thank you so much for reading my blog it really means the world to me.

I cant quite believe it has been five years this new year that I have been writing here and you have been reading. This blog has given us the most amazing experiences and memories as a family that we will never forget. A lot of that goes to you all for coming back and reading regularly and visiting our blog. So thank you for you support always.


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