My space for university study

I thought I would do a post on my studying set up. I study with the Open University, so all of my study time and work is done in the comfort of my own home.  I use my dining area as a study area. When my son is sleeping or the children are at nursery I simply set it up. So it doesn’t stay like this every day. It is only like this for a week or so, once a month, when I am writing my monthly assignment.

This setup suits my family and our needs really well. As I finish in June 2015 this will be my setup until then. When I first started my degree four years ago, I used to study on my bed or on the sofa while my daughter napped. So this is a huge improvement to how I study! It improves my quality of work as well as making me more focused. So I think a study setup is of much importance for achieving success.

It’s so easy to do, so if you haven’t got a study set up all you have to do is just find a place in your home to lay all your materials out, and you’re away.



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