My Room with a View


Dear nature (Mother Nature, source, God, the universe, all that exists around me).

I have a dream (or should I say an idea of how I think I would like my life to be), about living on beautiful land and being able to do with it what I will. I wish to be fortunate enough to have an abundance of nature scattered around me. Trees everywhere, green grass, the bright sun, water near me; whether the ocean, a lake or a pond. To be near water and trees would be true happiness to me. Nothing compares to the sounds of water and the feeling of freedom being outside with nature and basking in the hot sun. Being surrounded by sheep, cows, and birds, and hearing their sounds and listening to the natural tranquil noise of the wind and trees around me would be a pure pleasure in my eyes!

Virginia Woolf said that all a woman really needs is a room with a view! I want to live in the view, sit out in it and feel it, be inspired to write absolutely anything that may come into my mind, any thought.

My inspiration is derived from my daily life. Everyday I am blown away by the sky and the green landscape I see around me, looking at these natural wonders makes me so proud and so grateful to be alive. It makes me happy.

Nature has it’s way of making me feel so small, yet so extremely powerful. I am. And I can. Looking at the sky makes me feel all sorts of immortal and untouchable.

It’s a great feeling to feel happy, and when you feel the right kind of happy at the right time around the right people, you live in harmony, in a whirlpool of happiness. Take me there again and again please.


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