My five top tips for a clean and tidy home

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I love having a clean and tidy home and try to keep very realistic expectations with having three children and two cats. 

Jangro enviro have some great cleaning products at such great prices to help you keep on top of your daily clean and weekly cleaning routines at home. 

I really believe that a clean and tidy house equals a organised and tidy mind. I feel a lot less on edge when it’s tidy especially during the week when the children have school and clubs it’s nice for them to come home to a clean house.

I know this is not realistic for all of us everyday depending on our day to day lives. Some people prefer to hire a cleaner to help, take a look at maid service Manhattan if this is something that suits your family.

I thought I’d share 5 of my tips that make for a super quick and easy clean of your home while juggling everything else. This is not intended for anyone wanting to do a deep clean. Little and often is my motto while the kids are young and are always making it a mess while they play. 

1. Lower Expectations

Most importantly Lower your expectations a little so that you are not stressed with the mess. Know that your skirting boards won’t always be dusted and kept on top of. You might have to ignore a small scuffs on the wall instead of re painting the whole wall every time you see a new mark appear.

You know little things like that which are annoying when wanting to keep a clean tidy home are not something you should be worrying about while the children are young. I like to opt for clean over perfection. As long as it’s clean and I’ve used antibacterial spray and given all the sides a good clean the house feels better and my mind can rest.

2. Hoover and Mop Floors

Hoover and mop your floors, clean floors are so important even a few small crumbs can make your house look messy and not clean. Jangro has some great products to make your house smell beautiful including washing powder and floor cleaner. I hoover everyday on the odd occasion I will miss and day and if not everyday, every other day I will mop. I only have three rooms to mop in our house as the rest of the house is carpeted so not too much of a big job each day. 

3. Spot clean

Spot clean  and pick things up off the floor. The kids toys and clothes are the two things that end up on the floor what feels like constantly. When I’m having a quick morning clean one of the first things I do is pick everything up of the floor. I either pop in the wash or in the toy box storage we have. Having toy storage makes it so much easier it’s pretty easy to just pick it all up and pop in the boxes and usually takes me no time at all. Picking everything up off the floor also makes it easier for me to go ahead and start hoovering and mopping. 

4. Make your bed

Make your bed and or change your bedding. Having clean dressed beds makes everything feel more tidy. This instantly makes the room feel so much fresher too. I give the covers a good air and a shake every morning. I change everyone’s bed cover’s once a week usually on a Sunday or Monday whichever day I have more time. 

5. Wipe all sides and dust

Wipe all sides and dust surfaces. It’s so easy for little tea cup stains and crumbs to make a room feel untidy and messy. So making sure all surfaces are wiped down instantly freshens up the room and it feels clean and tidy.

I also like to give all the rooms a quick spray with air freshener and carpet freshener after I’ve done all the steps above. This way the house has had its daily quick clean and finished off with some pretty scents. Ready for me to leave the house and get on with our day. Knowing we’ll be coming home to a tidy clean home feels good and takes a weight off my shoulder. This little clean I do daily takes me an hour or so never more then two hours depending on the mess from the morning before the school run. 

I also always pop a load of washing on in the morning, I do at least one load of washing a day. Most days more if I don’t I become so behind and never keep on top of my washing. 

So there you have my 5 tips for a clean and tidy home. I hope you have found these helpful.

Do you do a daily clean? 


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