Must See West End Shows in 2019

For my birthday last year a good friend of mine surprised me and took me to the Theatre to see the renowned Matilda. It was an amazing production, I just absolutely loved it! 

I would love to take Sophia to see it as I think she would love it. There is so much young talent in the production and its lovely to watch. A definite must see in 2019! 

As a young girl in school I studied Drama it was one of my favourites subjects. Drama was a class I could really have fun in and enjoy myself. One year our drama teacher organised for us to go and see Blood Brothers and it had me hooked it was such a good performance and I came away with such a love for theatre and it hasn’t left me since. 

What I love most about theatre is the many emotions you feel when watching a performance. I love that its a live show, its so much more personal then watching something on the telly and I love that. It feels more real and throughout the whole performance you are swept away into a musical bubble that you live inside for a couple of hours. 

Each performance unique and each tells a story, which is such a huge part of our existence. Essentially we are all story tellers, it is the foundation of our culture and history. The way musical theatre captures our imagination in such a collaborative art form is beautiful. It brings it to life in the form of dance, singing, music and language. It is felt through all our senses. Theatre is good for the soul. I always come away from a performance feeling good or thinking about life in some way. 

I love looking at upcoming shows and seeing what it is that we can go see next, there is always something for everyone and you cant go wrong with mostly all of them. I have come up with a list of five of my must see West End Shows in 2019:

1.The Book of Mormon 

The Book of Mormon has had huge success in the West End since its opening in 2013, it is recommended for ages 17 and up, and it is by the writers of South Park and Avenue Q, it’s an unmissable show that’s won an Olivier Award for best new musical. 

It is one of the most popular shows in the West End at the moment, so if you want to be shocked and entertained at the same time, then The Book of Mormon is the show for you. 

The show is: ‘endearing, thoughtful and outrageously funny.’ 

2. Disney’s Aladdin

I am excited about this one as I adore Disney films and what an experience to see it live on stage.  Disney’s Aladdin is one of West Ends biggest hits. This production offers an unforgettable evening of magic, comedy and romance. 

3. Mamma Mia

The ultimate feel good show, set on a Greek Island, I think you might leave wanting to plan your next holiday! Mamma Mia has been entertaining audiences for over 19 years now and I don’t think it shows any signs of stopping either. 

With hits from Swedish band ABBA it is sure to be a feel good watch. Mamma Mia has established itself as one of the best musicals in history having played in over 40 countries! 

4. Disney’s The Lion King 

One of my favourite Disney films as a young girl. What an amazing story. Set in Africa this production is sure to be awe inspiring. The powerful story of Disney’s beloved Simba will take you on an unforgettable theatrical journey. This is a must see at the West End in 2019!

5. Matilda The Musical

I had to add this to the list as I went to see this last year and I loved it so much. Such talented young performers, singing dancing and performing. It definitely opens your imagination and with such a beautiful story about a girl who takes charge of her own destiny the whole performance leaves you enchanted. 

Matilda the musical is winner of 7 Olivier Awards, and 4 Tony Awards, and is nearly in its 7th year in the West End!

Wow aren’t we lucky with so many amazing theatrical productions to choose from! 

I really loved putting this list together for you of my five must see West End productions in 2019. I’d love to go and see at least one of these this year. It’s always such a good evening spending it at the theatre and there is just so much talent I love going. 

Have you seen any of these West End shows, if not, have you any theatre trips planned this year? 

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