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mum style

Once I became a mum I really lost my sense of self and my style went with that too. I really felt like I lost me when I had Sophia and slowly over the last 7 years and three children later I finally feel like I am learning what my style really is and what I like and what suits me. It feels good.

It is nice to feel good in what you wear it gives you more confidence and its important for all us mum’s to feel good. We give a lot of ourselves to our children and having a sense of self and an identity of our own that is separate from our children is important. It makes us better mums.

We are going on holiday in just four days and I have been searching the last few months for some nice little items of clothing for myself for holiday and the rest of summer. I do love a bargain and its important to me that I can wear things for more then one occasion. I like to be able to dress my outfits up or down depending on where we are going. I recently spent a lot of time searching online and visiting a few shops to get my wardrobe holiday ready.

I picked this dress up in the H&M sale a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I have never felt confident in dresses I have no idea why but growing up I remember always wanting to wear shorts or trousers. All I wanted to do was run around, climb trees and swim in the ocean, I think shorts were just easier.

So dresses, this is new territory for me, but I really like it. Wearing a dress makes me feel really girly. This one in particular is quite long and has two pockets which I love. What drew me to the dress in the first place was the lovely neck detail I love this about it and I think it is a really nice touch.

mum style

There are a few things that I have been taking into consideration when shopping for myself lately and that is:

Body shape

Right now my body shape is not what it used to be but over time I am sure it will bounce back with the help of healthy eating choices and some exercise. I recently got a fit bit for my birthday from Daniel and everyday without trying hard at all I mostly double my recommended steps, so thats a small weight off my mind in the exercise department.

So body shape, make sure you know what suits your body, there are some simple measurements you can take of your bust, hips and waist to determine which body type you have and in turn giving you ideas of what suits and compliments your body shape. This is really helpful.


Find out what colours suit your skin tone. My skin is quite pale but in the warmer months is darker so different colours compliment me in different seasons.

What do you like

Find out what you like, I like quite a variety of clothes, I love neutrals, but I am also a huge fan of vibrant colours, florals and patterns. Especially in the summery months.

I am really starting to love shopping for myself again, which I haven’t done in such a long time and I am enjoying it while it lasts. I definitely enjoy it more in the summer, I am such a summer girl and I love the sun and the variety fo things you can wear in the summer.




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