Me and Mine November 2019

Me and Mine November 2019! How are we half way through December already. I haven’t even had a chance to post the children’s birthday posts this year which I am guttered about its the first time I have missed them. But I still plan on publishing a similar post for each at some point because it just wouldn’t feel right to miss them out completely. And I always say better late than never.

So here I am with my November Me and Mine which is quite late actually. But I thought if I don’t do it now il never do it. So here I am. I cant remember the last Me and Mine I last wrote. I will find it and link it here.

November saw us celebrate Archies birthday he turned 6 years old which was huge for me. I cant believe he is 6 already. He is the most considerate and kind boy. He is and has always been my wild child and for that I love him so much. He has taught me so much. Following Archies birthday, just seven days later Arthur turned 2. This time of year is so busy for us.

Over the last few months I have taken on some work here and there on my blog but really not an awful lot. I will admit having three children and one being a toddler I couldn’t and haven’t been able to keep several balls in the air. So I had to take the pressure off of myself somewhere and that was here online.

The kids are all needing more recently over the last few months, Sophia is now preparing for her 11+ she has more homework, Archie is learning to read and has homework too. Daniel works late most evenings as he is running multiple jobs which of course means so much more pressure on me at home. All good things in terms of work and I cant complain as I am so happy to see him progressing and growing his business. He loves what he does so much and that makes me so happy to see. I feel glad that I am able to give him the space to pursue his dreams and when he is able to he supports me too with mine. I say his business but it it our business as I do work with him where I can. Once Arthur is at school I can devote more time to it.

Then of course there is my little Arthur who needs my undivided attention so much at the moment as he is only two. He doesn’t go to nursery yet so sometimes it is difficult to be anything other then mum.

I have learnt so much about myself over the last few years and I enjoy working, I love working actually. Earning my own money and being successful in my own right aside from being mum means a lot to me. But the most important thing for me about working is having something that is flexible that works around my family. I want to do the school drop offs and pick ups I want to be there for them and them to know they can always count on me that I will be there no matter what. And nothing will ever come before them. We don’t have the luxury of grandparents around to help out if I worked out of the home during these times, even if it was something I would want to pursue.

I don’t ever want my work and mum lines to be crossed. The balance for me needs to be that they both work together. So just in general over the last few months I have found the juggle really difficult. So I’ve taken away the stress and not put any pressure on myself at all. Arthur will be going to preschool come June so I will have more time then to work and devote to my blog and possibly think about starting a new business venture too. I have loads of ideas and lots of things I want to achieve and try in the future but right now I am content knowing I am right where I need to be.

I know so many of us mums can struggle with this both wanting a career and wanting to be there for our children emotionally and be present. But the reality is it is so difficult and so much pressure to do both without the support around us. Whether thats support from family, or childcare it is needed in order for us to then go on to achieve our dreams as woman.

So right now as Arthur is our last baby, I will relish this fact and know that as he grows and goes off to preschool I can then take some time for me and work. There really is no rush and everything happens in good time.

I have done a lot of thinking over November a lot of feeling like I can’t handle the pressure motherhood sometimes puts me under. The pressure to be and stay home, the pressure to be everything they need, the pressure that home life is all on me. Thats how I’ve felt. But I have worked through it and I have come into December feeling stronger than ever within myself taking into account everything I have just shared with you.

Our little family unit has been through lots over the last year. 2019 has been a year I wont forget we have faced some challenges that have been heart wrenching but we have come out the other side and feeling so much more positive Dan and I. The children have all been thriving and I am sure are looking forward to their Christmas break.

Me and Dan have decided to book a family holiday as a joint Christmas present to each other this year. We love doing stuff like this. I love knowing we will have a holiday to look forward to together with the children. Last year after Ibiza we didn’t get the chance to go abroad again so in the new year it is top of the list.

I love to do these Me and Mine posts here I know I will love reading them back over the years.

I hope to blog a few more times up until Christmas as I have felt really sad about neglecting my little space here. Its somewhere I worked so hard to build up and I have not been putting as much effort into it over this last year. But I think sometimes it’s okay to take some time to reassess and reevaluate. I also know that having a little toddler changes a lot of things. I have relearnt again for the third time round not to expect so much of myself and to remember the house can wait, everything can wait while I use my energy to tend to my children and make sure they are happy first, as well as me and my hubs.

After all we are each a part of our little team that makes our family work so well. Love them all so much and I know in time and not so distant future I will have the time to give here a lot more. So for now I plan on savouring my last baby and doing work when and if I can without the pressure.


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  1. Holly
    December 17, 2019 / 4:47 pm

    Lovely post Tanita! I can really relate to that pressure. I can’t afford not to work & that is alot when we don’t have childcare to fall upon so the pressure of then not being present with Arthur as much as I’d like really does make me upset. To the point of tears often,.. i’m not the mum i thought i’d be & that makes me so sad…

    I hope to get to your state of mind soon. Its a great & positive one.

    Look forward to reading more & hearing more about your new adventures as Arthur starts pre-school.

    Lots of love
    H x

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