Me and Mine {January 2019}

I really want to join in with the Me and Mine posts this year as it one of my favourite kind of blog posts to write and a wonderful way to remember our month as a family. 

It’s been a lovely month for a January. The beginning was a little bit tough getting back into work mode and leaving the holidays behind and also the after math of Christmas and having to rein in spending. At the beginning of the month Dan and I wrote down our individual goals and family goals for the month of January to set us up for a positive start.

We want to try and do this each month as it keeps us on track to achieve our goals each month. 

I’m really pleased I achieved every goal I set myself this January. 

Sophia started up tap dancing again this month and she is really enjoying it. I’m so pleased for her too as I really wanted her to have a hobby outside of school and home. I think it’s really important. I danced growing up and it was one of my biggest loves I have so many memories.

Archie carries on with his football which he started in September and he is absolutely loving it. Most Friday nights he asks to sleep in his kit. It’s his little passion. And is lovely to see grow. 

Arthur is full on at the moment he needs watching every single second. It’s just his age and such a short time in the grand scheme of all the stages he will go through. So I’m trying to remind myself that. I do cherish his nap times so I can sit and enjoy a coffee and work in peace. 

I finished reading ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes this month and I absolutely loved it, I cried a few times. I have a new book on its way to start this February. I’m hoping to read at least one book a month this year. 

We have a lot of birthdays this months including both the grandmothers and our friends. My lovely close friend Katie is due her baby this month, actually her due date is my mums birthday so this month is going to be quite lovely. I’m looking so forward to it. 

Daniel and I also finished off January with a lovely trip to Canterbury. We had the best time ever and I really hope we can do things like that more often this year. It’s so good to have time just the two of us. It’s not often but I think thats what makes it even more special.

January can be such a long month can’t it!? So I’m pleased it is now over and we can move swiftly on. It seemed to drag but now that it is over it feels like the month went past in a blink of an eye. 

The house is now off the market, and we are going to finish the last room, we are actually going to make two bedrooms out of it. It desperately needed doing and I’m glad we have made the decision to re do it. 

I’m looking so forward to decorating the two bedrooms for the children. Especially so excited to be able to give Sophia her own room. Its going to be very girly and we both cant wait to get decorating it.

We also had the pleasure of meeting our lovely close friends baby in January. She is just beautiful and we can’t wait to watch her grow.

We visited lots of national trusts together and I have enjoyed getting back into bootcamp as I had over two weeks off over the Christmas period. 

So all in all we had a lovely January. And I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year with my little family. Just focusing on enjoying every minute and having lots of fun. 


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