Me and Mine {February 2019}

I’ve been meaning to take our family photos for our February Me and Mine post for so long now and I finally did it this weekend just gone! I was thinking of not posting. But here it is better late then never I like to say!

February went by so fast and I can’t believe we are nearly half way through March already. 

We spent most of February poorly each of us taking turns so that was no fun and February turned out to be quite hard work in that respect. But we are all well now and on the mend lots of pro-biotics and green veg, and hopefully the bugs are well and truly behind us now.

Other then that February saw us have Half Term and I took part in the Living Arrows linky and wrote about our half term week. 

We also went to Diggerland UK and had the most amazing time as a family. 

We also started stripping one of our bedrooms to make a third bedroom so that we can give Sophia her own room. Which I’m so pleased about I really cannot wait to see my girl in her own space. I think she is going to be so happy to have her own room. 

I’ve been looking at beds and wall decals and room inspiration on Pinterest to get as many ideas as possible. I want to make it really girly, full of natural light, and a few fairy lights for her. She loves to draw and write so I really would love for her to have her very own desk in there which she can also use as a dressing table. I get really excited just thinking about it and making it special for her, she deserves it so much she is such a good girl and a huge help. I just love her so much and I really hope she loves her new room.  

As for the boys room I’m still a little bit undecided but I have had strict instructions from Archie that it is to be football themed. I’m not sure how I can make that work while still been a mildly stylish room, I am thinking to just add some football accessories for him like a football pillow and cushion. So we will see what I can come up with for the boys, as their room will only be ready after Sophia’s. But I am so excited that the two of them will be together Archie is very excited to share with Arthur, its very sweet.

As for Dan and I’s room I haven’t even really thought about it. I just know I’d love a built in wardrobe and to keep it neutral I love a light and neutral room. I love grey. So that is where I am heading with ours.

So basically a completely full on month for us and more of that to come in March and right up until we finish the bedrooms and then we head off to Ibiza for our lovely friends wedding just Dan and I. I was hoping to get the children’s rooms done before their April half term but its not looking promising just yet, but as long as they are done before Ibiza I will be very happy. It’s seriously going to be a jam packed few months for us, summer always is, but its my absolute favourite time with my family, and it always goes quickly when you are having fun doesn’t it?

Looking forward to all the exciting things we are planning with our house and our little holiday on our own. Looking forward to seeing what 2019 holds for our little family. Felling so positive about this year and excited.

I’m trying to turn any anxious thoughts about going away to Ibiza without the kids into positive ones and excitement because I really want to have a good time with Dan when we go to Ibiza and not worry myself about the kids. Because I can really spiral down very easily when it comes to leaving them, but positive vibes only, thats what I am telling myself.

Archie is still as football mad as ever, Sophia is still loving tap. Arthur is saying more and more words every day his new ones are ‘floor’ and ‘door’. I still adore his baby talk and will be sad once it’s gone and replaced with real words all of them time. 

It’s nearly time for potty training Arthur I have just ordered him some training pants and a potty I am so excited, I have always really loved potty training. I think it is such a big milestone and really helps them feel more independent. I really cannot believe that’s where we are already with Arthur. I’m super excited.

Apart from the illness on February I’m really looking so forward to the rest of 2019… I will also be turning 30 this year which is pretty huge and I really can’t believe that’s happening as well. How did that even happen!? 

Here is to a lovely March , full of positivity for all of us! 


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