Me and Mine December 2019

Goodbye December what a wonderfully busy blurry month you were. You were truly fantastic on so many levels. And I couldn’t have wished for a better month to send off 2019.

I am leaving 2019 and coming into 2020 feeling so grateful. Grateful for the experiences that you gave me, that you gave us. I have this really overwhelming feeling of happiness that earlier in the year I definitely didn’t have. 

December saw us celebrate our littlest Arthur turn two which is such a huge milestone he really is such a big boy now.  But he will always be our baby. 

December saw Dan and I work so hard so that we could have two weeks off together over Christmas and the New Year which we managed to achieve. And even though it was hard during December on all levels, late nights, solo parenting, and feeling like we had no work life balance. We did it and we have been together as a family of five with no interruptions for nearly two weeks now. Which I can’t quite believe. I have wished for us to be able to do this for such a long time. This is the first Christmas since we have been together and had children together that we have spent this much time together over the festive period. I am really proud of us for making it happen this year. It is definitely one of the little dreams I have had for such a long time that has finally come true.

Being self employed is not for everyone but achieving goals you set for yourself and see them come to fruition is definitely something that Dan and I strive on.

We have big plans for 2020 in many aspects both expanding our business and moving house. Who knows what this years olds but I am pretty excited. But what does become more apparent over the years is that not only are dan and I a team but we also help each other grow in so many ways and I am really so grateful to have him by my side.

December also saw me meet up with a bunch of ladies from Instagram whom I’m very lucky to call my friends. It was genuinely so nice to meet up with such genuine happy and kind woman. All of us just a group of woman supporting woman and it was just so lovely. We met in London had dinner at Bills took photos on Regent Street under the Christmas lights and had some drinks at a bar in Soho. It was wonderful. It really really was. I came away inspired. happy, and so grateful to have met such an amazing bunch of woman. It reaffirmed to me why I choose to be online, why I choose to share, just look at what it gives me. Its been from start to now a really positive experience here.

We also went to our annual Christmas party with all the wonderful people we have met on the school run. The mums and dads who we met over 5 years ago now when Sophia started reception. Wow that seems like a lifetime ago. Again so grateful to have met such an amazing group of people. That we get to laugh and have fun with over the festive period. We had a three course meal and lots of drinks. It was fun.

We also attended the christening of my best friends little boy. Which was such a special day. I have known her now since year 7 which if I count it up its about 19 years! How crazy is that. She is one of those super special people that will always be a part of my life no matter what. Our friendship has survived me moving to South Africa and her moving to America for 5 years. We have been through just about everything together big and small we are more than friends and feel like family. I love her so much and watching her little one get christened was so special she is an amazing mum.

This year we spent Christmas in Wales something completely new for us as family because we have always been here at home in Kent for Christmas. It was such a special Christmas and so nice to spend it with our family in Wales.

December you were so full. Full of all the good things life offers. Yes Dan and I saw the least of each other out of the whole year but it was all for a good reason and it was so worth it.

We have made such big memories in December one of my favourite months of this year gone. Thank you December for making it such a memorable end to our year. All a year older, a year wiser, a year healthier and a year happier than ever.

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