Me and Mine August {2019}

Hello September…

My first thoughts are where has the year gone? Already in the 9th month, kids back to school this morning and it just feels crazy il have one in year 4 and one in year 1. 

They are getting so big. 

We’ve had such a lovely summer, throw in some days where we all got a bit fed up with each other along with all the amazing magical sunny days and walks and friends and ice cream. And that’s our summer summed up. 

Baby Arthur’s routine has been a little all over the place having Sophia and Archie home but other then that it’s all been good. 

I like to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes. Il miss them lots but I’m very much looking forward to them going back to school. Getting into a routine again and having a fresh start. September almost feels like a new year for us, especially as a school mum. I love it. Lots of lists to make and things to get organised. Hoping to throw a lot more energy into my online work.

We have made some lovely memories this summer that I’m sure will last the children (and me) a lifetime. We went up to Wales for a little part of the summer. (I am yet to publish the post on our trip there).

Sophia also spent a weekend up there with her cousin and aunty all on her own which was such a huge step for both her and I. But a really positive one. It gave her that independence and confidence that she is okay without me. And it made me very proud of her. She’s happy for sleepovers with her granny here locally but I think the five hour trip away from home was daunting for her. But she did it and she loved it and we both survived. So a complete win. I’m really proud of her. 

As a little girl even at 15 I couldn’t bare to stay out of home and have sleepovers I got really anxious and missed my my mum so much. I don’t want that for Sophia. I want her to feel safe and confident to go and have fun. 

We also visited the beach a few times which was so lovely. 

I did a post on all the ordinary everyday things we wanted to do over summer. We have ticked everything off of our list and I’m so pleased. Having the age gaps that we do and me being me I didn’t want to do any far away trips without Daniel so we kept our summer very local and manageable. But still we had a lovely time. We love walking so we did lots of that. Sophia brought herself some roller skates over the summer so enjoyed those lots and is now very confident on them which is lovely. 

I can’t believe next month she will be 9 and the following month Archie 6 and then following week Arthur 2. Those years are fast. I absolutely love being their mummy. There is nothing in this world I would want to do more then be there for them and give them the best I can. 

Dan has only had two days off this summer but at least he was able to take those two days. Works just been too busy. But I do hope that next summer we can have two weeks at least with him. Putting it out into the universe. 

Life is good. I’m so grateful for my little ones and for being able to spend this summer with them. I’ve been working on and off throughout and when I can but not as much as usual as routine is up in the air.

We are off to Woolacombe bay this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. We booked it at the beginning of summer as something to look forward to when the children go back and I’m so so glad we did. We are staying in a little caravan and I can’t wait. I think it will be a lovely weekend with my favourite people in the whole world. 

Here is to a lovely September. Kids back to school, routine back in place. I am definitely one of those mums that embraces it, I like change and seem to thrive on it. I find new motivation and new inspiration. The more children I have had the more I welcome back school, the time apart is also really healthy for us too. I absolutely love having them home with me but its also really lovely to have that one on one time with Arthur. Out of the three of them Archie seemed to miss out on that one to one time with me the most.

Feeling well rested in terms of no school runs but also a tiny bit exhausted from being the only childcare provider for my three for the last 6 weeks. But I’m happy and fully ready for September. Lots to look forward to and Ive been reading lots of astrology articles and doing my Tarot. September is set to bring all of us a huge shift in energy more positivity, more wealth and abundance. So get ready.

Me and Mine April 2019


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  1. September 3, 2019 / 9:30 pm

    What beautiful photos of you all! Can’t wait to see what September brings for you.

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