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I can safely say that we are all settled into our new home. We moved in on the 1st of March. There is a lot of work to do around the home, which can be frustrating at times, however I find it much more pleasurable to see it as an exciting journey, decorating and building onto your house is really such a wonderful challenge, seeing the transformation first hand is always an experience. I really do enjoy it, and to live in the finished house is even more pleasurable because you have seen it at its worst and can really enjoy it for what it has become, all the waiting and the hard work that went into it is always worth it when it is complete. We are so happy with our living room, the view of our garden through the glass doors is beautiful and in the winter the fire is so hot and keeps us all so cosy and warm. Although it was a push to get it finished before we moved in, the stress was worth it because we are so happy with it. We still have lots of finishing touches to add to it, but it is finding the time.

Our house is an old build and a lot of the pipes are on show in some of the rooms, which I can’t wait to get covered up. Just before we moved in we were able to redecorate the living room, and we knocked out the window and replaced it with double doors, leading straight into the garden, we also added a fire place, which is the feature of the whole room and of course covered all the pipes. You can see a post I did on it here.

At first we were certain we were moving onto the bathroom next, as it is very dated, I did a post on it here. But it looks like the kitchen is next. We have foundations laid, as we are extending, and the next step is to get building! I get so excited just thinking about it. I think many woman can relate to me when it comes to redecorating or re designing your kitchen. Lets be honest, the kitchen is yours it is were you spend most of your time, cooking for the family, cleaning up after meals. Apart from the living room, I think the kitchen is so important. We are all very excited to get going. The plan at present is to go ahead in the middle of July. We have arranged for a brick layer to come and give us a quote.

We also need to decide what type of window we would like. We have been looking at VELUX windows specifically because they bring in so much light. We will also need to have a look at roofblinds. We absolutely love light, bright areas. We are very fortunate that this house is so bright, it really is like a sun trap. We feel so lucky because our previous home was very dark and didn’t let much light in.

Consequently we can’t wait to pick a design for our kitchen.  I am quiet lucky because my husband and I have very similar tastes and we both want the same from our kitchen and agree on similar designs.

I have been looking on Pinterest and there is some really great inspiration on there. I especially love the modern meets vintage look. I don’t want a white kitchen I feel that it can be too white, I would like a bit of colour whether cream or beige. We previously lived in a flat which had a completely white kitchen (this was before we had children) and we loved it, but I don’t think it is practical with children and my tastes have changed a bit since then.

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kitchen 3

I also love the idea of having a ceramic sink, so this is something that we are definitely going to include in our new kitchen, I think they are so stylish and lovely to look at.

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All dreams are mine and 100% honest. I have been wanting to share this post with you for a while regarding our future plans on our home.


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