Looking for ways to save money this summer? Read this first!

save money this summer

Looking for ways to save money this summer?

Summer is the season that just keeps on giving, sunny days, cool, summer nights and (hopefully) gorgeous weather. We can spend extended time with friends and family, enjoy days at the beach, by the lake, in the countryside or in our own back yards. The kids have the freedom of the summer holidays and you’ve even managed to find some time to enjoy the summer, yourself. But because summer makes us want to get out and about, to fill the days with as many activities as possible and to have days filled with making memories – it can be a little harsh on our bank balances.

All those extra ice creams, the food for the BBQs and picnics…the buckets and spades at the seashore…that trip to the zoo or theme park. It all adds up. So, we’ve come up with some quick and easy ideas of how you can save a little extra cash this summer and spend it doing the things you love with the people you love.

Your energy

Ok, so this one might not be an instant cash booster, but have you considered switching your energy supplier? Even if your home is oil heated, you could probably save money by simply switching to a new provider – check out Super saver oil for more information.

Your subscriptions

Do you subscribe to a streaming service or an expensive TV package? Well, if you’re planning to spend most of your time outdoors this summer, then why not cancel it? You probably won’t even notice it’s gone and the kids could always watch the free channels whilst having a break from the sun. If you choose to re-subscribe later in the year, they might have packages for new customers that will work out considerably cheaper than your last one.

Keep your eyes peeled

Did someone say, free family festival? During the summer there’s always lots going on, so keep an eye out for local events that are being advertised. Social media is a great place to start or why not head to your local library and see what’s going on there over the summer break? The kids could get out some reading materials too! Football school taster sessions, or free entry to a dance school, dinosaur exhibitions or even a local beach clean. Ask around and keep your eyes peeled and you’ll have enough activities to keep you all busy right through until autumn!

Take advantage of the season

The sun is up early, so should you should be too! Getting out and about nice and early and taking advantage of the long, light evenings means less time in front of the TV streaming a show, using electricity or playing video games. Getting out early also means you might miss a lot of the queues and heavy traffic too.

Have a summer sale

Have you and the kids got too much stuff? Why not hold your very own sale at your house? Or stick everything on eBay or a Facebook for sale group? It’s a great project and will teach your kids the value of money too.

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  1. June 26, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    We definitely will be using this advice with all the baby stuff in a few months time. So much baby clothes and items she no longer uses already so will be using facebook buy and sell groups

    Kate xx

  2. July 7, 2018 / 11:02 am

    Great ideas, Tanita! 🙂 Looking forward to doing some garage sale with my boys, this would be fun! 🙂

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