Living Arrows 5/52 {2019} A not so typical weekend

This weekend gone was not a typical weekend here in the Taylor household. It wasn’t even an ordinary weekend at home. I thought I’d share as life is not always perfect, children get poorly and plans change. Thats life. But it doesn’t make it any less important as its in these moments we learn most. When everything is going well we can really be grateful, because we have the gift of knowing what is was like when they weren’t going quite so well.

On Friday after school, around 4pm (if I am being precise) Archie started getting sick and he did so all through that night and the next day. I slept on his bedroom floor Friday night using the sofa cushions as my mattress and held a sick bucket to him every time he whimpered throughout the night. It felt like it was every hour until morning. He had not been sick like this ever, so it was really hard and sad to see him so unwell and helpless. I just didn’t want to leave his side.

Saturday was a lot better and he went longer without getting sick and even started to ask for food saying he was hungry. He had a dry weetabix and some toast. Saturday night he slept through and didn’t get sick at all and just when we thought we were over it he was sick again early hours of Sunday morning! Thats when I thought it would never end and I decided I would call the doctors that afternoon.

The afternoon came and went and he wasn’t sick again thank goodness, he was keeping down his food. And suddenly he just perked up and asked to get dressed and go play outside. I said of course. Archie is a child who thrives in the outdoors, no matter the weather. He loves being outside come rain or shine and mostly its to play some sort of ball game, golf, football or rugby. His favourites.

We all went out into our garden to get some fresh air with him including little Arthur.

I absolutely love being out in my little garden its one of my favourite places, especially so as we head into spring and it starts to get warmer.

The summers before I was pregnant with Arthur I would spend so much of my time out here mowing the lawn and strimming the path I had big plans for my garden, we had the fence done and we got rid of an old rickety shed and a huge pine tree. It was all coming together. But once I got pregnant and then the first year with our newborn Arthur, the garden has taken a back seat from then on. Which is completely fine, but I am itching more then ever to get out there and start taking care of it again come the spring time. It very satisfying work, especially when I see the kids playing out there in the sun and enjoying themselves on my freshly mowed lawn!

…Back to this Sunday… so we were all out in the garden I started pottering and cleaning up all the kids toys and bits and bobs that needed bagging up and taking to the tip. I then decided to mow the lawn so I did that too. I was going to strim and cut my path but wasn’t able to as the extension lead was at a job Dan is working at at the moment so I will get onto the strimming another day.

I loved so much seeing the kids out in our garden, especially so as it wasn’t particularly warm but it was mild enough for all of us to just have our jumpers on and no coats.

Sophia and Archie were kicking the rugby ball to each other and Arthur was pushing his little pram around the path. All three of them having such a lovely time, and my heart just beamed.

You know those moments in motherhood where if time could stand still or you could bottle a moment? Well this little chunk of our afternoon I would love to bottle. So as I am watching them and bursting with all the good feelings my three little humans give me I thought I should be capturing this and ran inside to grab my camera.

These photos were very quickly taken, no effort or posing, just my camera and my three little ones just having the best time after a pretty rubbishy start to our weekend with all the sickness. This was my little silver lining. A moment for me to take stock and be grateful and thankful for my children healthy and happy and Archie on the mend.

Sometimes little things can happen in life, (like a sick bug) and it can be all consuming the mothering of it, the looking after the poorly child. But then I remember to put it into perspective. One life people, one sick bug that said child will get over and bounce back from, and one weekend to make the most out of.

Our weekend certainly wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t all adventures and fun. It was broken sleep, a sick child, solo parenting all day Saturday while dan worked. But writing this post the only moment that sticks out is that afternoon on Sunday in our garden, all happy, all healthy and enjoying the first of the February sun. Slight chill in the air and just me feeling so eternally grateful I am able to be here to look after these children of mine, and especially so when they are poorly. Grateful we have this beautiful garden to enjoy, grateful my Archie was able to overcome his sick bug so quickly and grateful we all got to be together Sunday and that dan wasn’t working.

Our weekend wasn’t perfect but it ended well, and we had a beautiful chunk of time out in our garden, and I am so glad for it.

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  1. Debbie
    February 5, 2019 / 12:56 pm

    Your posts always bring tears to my eyes, I could just see you there lying by Archie. Lots of love missing you all loads xxx

  2. February 5, 2019 / 10:30 pm

    These are such lovely pictures – I hope Archie is feeling better now and no-one else has caught it! #LivingArrows

  3. February 10, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    It feels like everyone was sick last week – there must be something in the air. I hope everyone is better this week – but it looks like they had fun in the garden x

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