Living Arrows {3/52} 2019 Our First Walk Alone

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”-Kahlil Gibran

Happy to be joining in with the Living Arrows Linky for my third week. I wanted to share these little photos I captured of Arthur during the week.

It was actually our first walk out alone, just the two of us. We didn’t have anyone with us, no friends, no family, no siblings. We took our little walk really slow and I let him out of his pushchair to walk around, which he loved.

Everyday Arthur takes me back to when Sophia and Archie were this little, 13 months old to be precise. I cannot pinpoint specific dates but their childhood a blur of beautiful moments and memories, some stick out more then others, and mostly all I see in my mind are snippets of their laugh, moments of them sleeping, and then I see you Arthur.

Your long blonde hair, thats so soft to touch and a little curl seems to be trying to make an appearance at the end. Your little grin with your 8 baby teeth and cute dimple that me and your brother both have. Still makes my heart melt every time I see you smile. The cutest dimple I ever did see, and it only ever comes out when you giggle or smile.

On this day you were 13 months old and you didn’t want to hold my hand, brushing it away on your leg as you walked ahead of me. Taking you about 7 steps to turn around a full circle and look me in the eye and giggle before taking those 7 steps again to turn back the way you started and waddle off. I am sure you thought you were going so fast, but I was able to catch up with you with just one swift step!

You are so tiny still and I adore the age you are at now. I cherish these days with you so tiny, so small, and so needing of me still. I still feel so blessed Daniel and I decided to bring another little person into our family to make us a five. It has been the best decision we have ever made our family all the more full for it. Its such a good feeling.

I could watch you waddle and walk all day those chubby baby legs, and shoes that look half the size of you. The big puffy coat that keeps you warm but makes you wobble. All these things about you so special to me. All these things about you that you will soon grow out of, you wont waddle, you wont take 7 steps to turn full circle, one day your shoes wont look too big on you nor will your coat. It brings tears to my eyes little guy.

Enjoying your vegimite sandwich

My third baby, my last little gift, how will I ever survive when you are all grown? This time round, this third time, seems even more bittersweet then every time before. I know you are my last, and I am happy with that decision your dad and I have made, yet when I sit and write about you or think about it too much it makes me teary.

Its so bittersweet watching them grow yet such an amazing experience. Ive seen Sophia a baby, a toddler, a child, now she is 8 and soon be in double figures. And then Archie now 5. Of course, I’ve know each of my children since birth and from every stage past that moment, but what I am trying to say is knowing them at every stage gives me such an insight into who they are. The way their personalities develop and grow, the way they are able to express themselves more as they get older, it’s lovely being apart of that, being their constant source of love and support. It can be all consuming but worth every last ounce of mine and Dan’s energy just to see them grow into happy healthy big people.

Let me never forget it is forever worth it, those sleepless nights, those challenging days, teething, refusing food. those good moments far outweigh the former. The first smile, first steps and every step after that, the happy cuddles in the morning, watching you eat your food and use your small slightly chubby fingers so pop the food in your mouth. The twinkle in your eye every time you catch a glimpse of me near. The cuddles, the kisses, the laughter and just every moment in between. Watching you, growing you, gives me life. Least I never forget. These moments I treasure.

Beautiful view
Castle in the background

Some photos of you playing in the play area, You loved the pipes to roll all the tennis balls down and spent forever pushing them down through the top of the pipe. You were very happy here.

A day very well spent. I want to get out as much as I can with Arthur and show him all the beautiful places we can explore together. Do you love exploring and being outside too?

Living Arrows

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