Living Arrows {1\52} 2019

A little blogging goal that I would like to achieve for this year is that I want to join in with the Living Arrows Linky every single week in the year of 2019, and post the photos I may sometimes over look and not necessarily keep a memory of.

The living arrows linky is hosted by the lovely Donna over at What the Red Head Said and the linky is about celebrating childhood. It brings me the greatest happiness writing about my children so its a perfect linky for me to join in with and over the years I have joined in over the course of a year but never stuck to a whole year. So this year it is my goal to post every week. Wish me luck!

The Living Arrows project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” and every Monday you share a moment from your week and everyone is invited. So if you are a blogger and reading this then do come along and join in!

We are back to school and routine in this house and all the festivities seem to have come to such an abrupt end. Although I welcome the school days back as I love changing things up now and again I also was sad yesterday when the children went back to school. Ive enjoyed having them off, our long walks as a family, Daniel home with us, and late mornings. Those late mornings have been the absolute best let me tell you. Nothing better then not having to get up to an alarm after having to do it all year round. Although the kids are up earlier the older two are quite capable of going to the living room and switching on the telly while we have a few more minutes in bed. Which is always a plus.

I love these photos of Arthur I took this morning. And this one of Archie and Arthur (Archie wanted to wear his wellies to school so he took his school shoes in his bag) I love how cute he looks in his all in one. He is a bit clumsy in it so I don’t really let him walk with it on unless he holds my hand. But it melts me when I see him in this little outfit.

We had a pretty normal weekend, actually the most normal and relaxed it could be for the first weekend in January 2019. But we spent most of it at home bar a food shop and an attempt at a walk. When we arrived at said place, it was a national trust site, both Arthur and Archie were fast asleep and so Daniel I and Sophia decided we should just head home, and enjoy the afternoon relaxing. Which was nice and we were all tired from an early morning at Archies football practice.

We spent Sunday fitting a kitchen door, of course Daniel fitted the door, and I cleaned out our car, something I do when it gets a bit too grubby for me to handle! I actually like cleaning out my own car I can really do a good job and make sure I get every last scrap of dirt out! And then afterwards I cant wait to drive it and I am absolutely adamant that for the rest of the month the kids are not allowed to eat or drink in it. But then I always end up giving in and then it needs a good clean again! I don’t mind really but I do prefer them not eating or drinking in the car I will be honest! But thats just me being a little OCD.

One thing that I love is our morning walks to school and Monday morning was lovely we all got ready, the house was nice and calm, we had breakfast, I got the lunches ready, how I love mornings like this. Mostly they do look like that as long as I have been organised and not snoozed my alarm! But I much prefer a calm morning instead of a rushed and stressed one so I do try to make the effort so that the mornings are good. This morning was much the same and the kids went off well. They are both happy to be back and seeing their friends and that makes me so happy. I love that they both love school and are happy to go. Mind you some days Sophia would like to stay home but generally she does really enjoy it and has some lovely friends.

I love my little walks home with Arthur he just sits so quietly taking in all the scenery. He is such a little sweetheart and I absolutely love having him with me. He is at a busy age. At home he is into everything except his toys, so my cupboards get pulled out, he loves being in the kitchen pulling the broom around. One thing i’ve definitely learnt is that these stages do not last long and there are so many things I love about this age. He is just so sweet and cuddly listens to everything I say and is always cuddling me. Its such a lovely age. One of my favourites.

This year as much as I want to live in the present and take it all in, I want to write more and document more. Which were my exact reasons for starting this blog so I want to do as much of that as I can. So here is to starting the Living Arrows Linky and sticking to it throughout the year.

Living Arrows