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We have had such a busy two weeks here. We have been up to so much it seems to have all flown by in a blur.

But sometimes I love life to be like this I love to be busy, even if it is something as simple as cleaning my house. Over the summer I have developed a love for gardening and it has just given me so much energy. I have a constant feeling of motivation and strength. It is a great feeling. I feel empowered and very much like a #mumonamission.

We recently went to a PR Event in London, and we had such a fantastic time. I was able to take the children with me as there were some lovely ladies there from Kiddicare at hand to do some colouring in while I did the work out. I met so many lovely mums, bloggers and inspirational woman. It was great to connect with people who too are enjoying life and living it authentically. I love this about the blogging world.



Just earlier this week I went to Faversham to review my experience at John High Opticians. This was a truly great experience. I felt so at home in the practice and the staff were absolutely lovely. It is great to meet with people who have such a great work ethic. Of course you have to love where you work to have a happy and friendly attitude.

John High Opticians

I also took the children to our local Lavender Gardens earlier last week which was so wonderful. I have found a new love for lavender plants and will be going back to the nursery on Friday to purchase some lavender for my house. I am planning on putting a few lavender in the front of the house leading up to the walkway, some in pots at the front door and some in the back garden. It is funny actually that I have never bought some before because aside from rose it is one of my favourite essential oils. I adore essential oils and rub both the kids down with a rose oil after bath every night. It is something I enjoy so much and so do they. More so Archie, he cant wait to get a big cuddle after bath time and lie on my bed while I give him a lovely massage with my lovely oils. I purchase my oils from Wild Planet if you want to have a look.

Lavender Gardens

I also finally finished most of Sophia’s school shopping, thank you to Marks and Spencer. I did a collaborative post with them regarding their new school uniform campaign. The children and I hosted our very own sports day at home. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect for it too.

Marks and Spencer School Uniform

It has also just been World Breastfeeding Week and I was involved in the Breastfeeding Scavenger hunt and giveaway. I did two posts on my experience with breastfeeding, The start of my experience and extended breastfeeding. In aid of this I posted a picture feeding my son on Facebook on the last day of World Breastfeeding Week, I have never posted a ‘brelfie’ on Facebook before and actually it was pretty eventful. You can read about the Facebook situation here if you want too.

I am also hoping to the take the children on a little adventure soon, when we have the time because I am overloaded at the moment. We have appointments here there and everywhere at the moment which doesn’t leave us much time to plan our day as we have something on everyday for the rest of the week.

We also had a major declutter at our house recently, another thing that I love doing. I wrote about it and how very much it has refreshed me and made me feel so much better. There is nothing I love more then a clean and decluttered house. It makes me happy.



I want to take the children up to the beach at some point soon for some fish and chips and to collect some driftwood and shells. I am feeling so inspired to make a mobile for our bed as decoration, to sit above our headboard, there is something so rustic and natural about a mobile made by hand.

These long light summer nights have been wonderful as the children have been able to play out in the garden for a lot longer, but of course the long evenings have also been a little annoying due to our sleep routine. The longer evenings makes bed time a little harder as they both don’t want to go to sleep because it is so light and bright. I have been contemplating buying some black out blinds for their bedroom lately but am in two minds whether to go ahead and buy some. What do you think? Do you use black out blinds for your children? I would love to know whether I should purchase some or not.

I have also been doing a little reading at the moment when I can fit it in between all the busyness around here. I have been reading two lovely books by the inspirational Louise Hay. They are just beautiful and to me I love understanding us humans a little more and what our complex bodies do for us or sometimes what they don’t do. I love learning new things and thinking outside the box in new and exciting ways. Life truly is exceptional and amazing all at once.

I have also been seriously thinking about starting youtube up as an extension of our blog. I used to Vlog a while ago.. The only thing is my Cannon camera broke and has a black screen so I need to get a new camera first. I just want something reasonable for now so I can start vlogging again. I was looking at this Cannon camera, it is really reasonably priced and I have found some great reviews on it. What do you think? Is this a good camera for vlogging?

How has your start to the Summer holidays been? It seems to have really sped by so fast for us! looking forward to the next two weeks. We have so much planned and a special visit to see our family. Looking forward to it all.



  1. Kerry
    August 13, 2015 / 4:51 pm

    I wish I could get caught by the gardening bug. I only seem to kill things, killed another plant this week. I’m literally useless.

    I really need to sort out the uniforms too, I’ve not got round to it yet. I think there might be a mad rush to the uniform shop tomorrow. We go on holiday on Sunday, we’re away for two weeks, but thankfully the kids aren’t back in school until the 7th!

    We had a blackout blind in Charlie’s room in our old house and it was pretty good, but not very pretty. Noah has blackout curtains, they weren’t expensive ones, but they do the job really well! Xxx

    • Tanita
      August 13, 2015 / 10:37 pm

      I am lucky that my neighbour is an amazing gardner, she has taught everything I know. Oh how very exciting I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Hope you squeeze the uniforms in somewhere.

      Yes this was my worry that it wouldn’t look to good! I will have to see. Thank you for the advice x

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