Life lately | March 2020

Life lately has been super busy, but wonderful too. Wonderful in our everyday getting ready for the children’s clubs and Sophias tutor, Archies football practice and homework, making dinner and attending my fitness classes, husband out with friends, and then his football practice. Life is so full on and so busy I barely get time to breathe some days. Having five people in a family unit and combining our different stages and our individual needs and the life we all lead is busy, it’s full on.

I love it and I really feel so lucky for all that we have together, not so much in the things, but more so in how we all feel about each other. And what we want to create together as we grow as a couple and as a family unit.

It might be busy right now in this season of our life, it might feel like sometimes Dan and I can be passing ships but I know as with everything in life things are always changing. I say it often but life is fickle its ever changing, everything seems to change yet nothing changes at the same time. Do you relate? Relationships are complex, family is a juggle, seeing friends and family sometimes doesn’t happen when we might want it to. Sometimes seeing friends and making an effort is hard because of everything else you have going on.

I know for me not seeing my friends and family as much as I like carries a lot of guilt because I love my friends and family so much. I cant always show them that with everything our life is right now. We are in the thick of growing our children and giving them everything we can, along with trying to give to our relationship time and energy. Also keeping ourselves individually happy by attending our fitness classes, and everything in between.

My heads been feeling both overwhelmed and peaceful at the same time recently. Knowing all that I have on my plate embracing it and feeling happy and content. But also sometimes all the responsibilities I have on me and everything I have on my list feels like a lot. And I try my best to embrace it, writing about it here and sharing it I hope if you feel like this too you know these are completely normal thoughts while raising a family, thoughts will come and go. But it’s up to us if we give them power.

Often I take control back, deep breathes and remind myself I can get done all the important tasks I need to in a day and If I don’t get everything done then that is okay. Everything is okay.

I know that these phases in our lives they come and they go and I do love been busy, I love having a routine and I feel like I thrive best this way. I really do feel like this and when the feelings of overwhelm come I embrace it and know it will pass. I also feel it’s me just needing to release my energy into something, whether exercise or working, or an adventure with my family. I try to just keep filling my life with colour in all areas with the things that I do.

Never apologise for doing what makes you happy and what you enjoy. I think far too much peoples comments and thoughts about us can have an affect on us. But its best to believe enough in yourself so that it doesn’t effect you. We are all human after all.

We recently attended my mother and father in laws wedding in Wales, and it was truly such a beautiful day they did so well and we all had such an amazing time celebrating them. It was pretty lovely to see my hubs in a kilt never thought I’d ever see the day. He looked so handsome. The whole weekend went by in a blink and it seemed to be over. We had so much fun. It will be a firm memory for our whole family forever. We are so happy for them .

Sophia has been doing a resilience course recently with Role Models and she is really enjoying it. I am so happy she wanted to enrol in this online course. It has had such a positive effect on her and I know she is learning so much about her mindset and how important it is. I will be writing a full post on it when she has completed the course because I have such positive things to say about it. And really want to share it with you.

Archie was invited to attend some football classes which he was over the moon about as he loves football so much. Everyday that goes by he has more and more passion for his football. It is genuinely so so lovely to see. He reminds me so much of me with the amount of energy he has. We are very similar.

Arthur our little baby, I think we will always call him our little baby we all adore him so much and he just knows it. He is still so little compared to Sophia and Archie and he is our last so he will forever be our baby. He is like Archie in so many ways he has such a love for life, the biggest smile and and cheekiest grin.

He has recently been really suffering with acute tonsillitis which he just cant seem to get rid of and keeps been prescribed antibiotic. So I have taken him to the homeopath to see if we can cure it the natural way. It worked for Archies glue ear so hoping it will work for Arthur too. It will take a little while but I know it can be done. And even with his tonsillitis he is still the most happy little boy. I think today he is over the worst of it.

This is us and this is our life right now, its busy, its a juggle but it feels so full of all the good. We are happy healthy and thats all I could ever ask for. The most important thing is to enjoy your life and to be happy. It really is all that matters.

I hope you are all having a lovely march and remember to focus on all you are grateful for.


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