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I have recently been on holiday as you can see from my previous post, and on return have felt really bloated and unhealthy as I think you tend to feel after eating a lot and a Lot of whatever you like!

So I am going on a diet for no more than 3 weeks in order to detox and reset my metabolism, and kill off all my bad bacteria in my gut.

Of course I plan on continuing to eat healthy after the 3 weeks, but to introduce natural carbs, like quinoa and lentils instead of a bread and pastry based diet. I am going to document this on my blog with pictures of my meals and any fitness I partake in, (which will probably only consist of walking) which is enough for me on a diet of no carbs and chasing after my children.  I will also let you know my feelings and thoughts, as I am very aware I will be on a sugar come down at some point over the next few days.

My husband did this same diet last year in preparation for a half iron man so I am just adjusting it but following a similar plan to what he did.

As a disclaimer I am not a professional and of course I don’t advise anyone to take on this diet without professional advice from a personal trainer or nutritionist.

My main aim for this post is to share with you what I ate on the first day of my diet. This diet consists of fasting for 16 hours a day and eating no carbs.

The night before, I ate my last chocolate bar at 9pm and had a late dinner so I needed to fast for 16 hours from then.

I didn’t realise but that meant I had to wait till 1pm the following day. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought to be honest because I think I had so many fat stores left over from all the rubbish and all the carbs I consumed on holiday! So by one o’clock I had the hunger pangs and I needed to eat! But it was an easy wait till 1.

I made myself lunch. Which was marinated chicken with steamed broccoli lemon olives and sliced beetroot. (You have to be careful of the sauces you eat because some contain sugars, but I ate the nachos one which I purchased from Tesco.

Food and diet

I then had a snack at around 4pm of cashew butter and sliced carrot – only 1 carrot. (my husband told me later I shouldn’t eat too much carrot as it has traces of carbs (sugar) so great another item of food to cut off my list)!

For dinner I made my husband and I a lamb steak each with grounded chilli, pepper and salt. We had roasted vegetables which I roasted with organic Virgin oil (would have preferred to use coconut oil but we have non left) I roasted 1 red pepper, 2 sliced carrots, 3 generous handfuls of kale and half a broccoli.

food and diet healthy

During he day I had two black teas (no sugar of course) and 3 bottles of water. I realise I didn’t drink enough water but it was my first day so I will go easy on myself.

I found the first day was fine and not too bad at all, in fact very doable. But I rest assured it is going to get tougher and I will keep you updated.


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