Lets get into shape | Day 2

lunch no carbs featured

So I am on day two of my diet, I feel fine, the day has gone well, I have given Archie two bananas today and the smell makes me want to eat one, I love bananas, but I haven’t given in. Another day down!

Here is what I had for breakfast

breakfast no carbs

Lunch we went to the lovely Finch House, the children had a sandwich and I thought I would try this salad. and a black filter coffee.

lunch no carbs

Dinner I made lamb mince, with garlic, onion and one can of chopped tomatoes. I fried some vegetables, consisting of, 1 celery stick, 1 carrot, 1 pepper, 5 baby tomatoes, 1 chilli, and some mixed herbs. I also steamed some broccoli.

dinner no carbs

I feel a little weak sometimes, but the most difference I notice is in my energy levels, I feel very energetic and not easily tired at all. Thats all for today.

Tanita x


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