My Last Pregnancy Diary | 38 Weeks Pregnant

pregnancy update 38 weeks

I cant believe I am sitting here ready to write my last ever pregnancy update. Not that I wrote many. I did find it quite difficult to juggle work life, the kids school pick up and drops offs, clubs, pregnancy and the house all at once, so my updates were at the end of the list this time. But I have lots of bump photos which is lovely and I am pleased I took the time out to capture those. Because they really mean a lot to me. Especially as this will be our last little baby I wanted to document my last bump as much as I could.

I have said it a lot through this pregnancy but this one has truly being my best. I felt so well throughout and had no health scares. It’s just been perfect. I have felt over emotional and sometimes overwhelmed but of course I think those are just normal feelings.

When I sit and think about this new little member of our family who started off smaller then a tiny seed and is now fully grown into a healthy little newborn I just cant wait to meet him.

I know that once he is in my arms I can just shower him in all my love all day long and I cant wait for that. But even so I still worry as I did when I had Archie, will I love him as much as I do Sophia and Archie? I think it is a question that looms in all our heads when nearing the end a pregnancy and bringing a new sibling into a family.

I know I will and naturally there will be enough love for all three of them. But when you are so used to loving two beautiful children its hard to imagine how you will fit three into that equation. But I do know that somehow, naturally I will.

I am all booked in for an induction tomorrow. I will be 38 weeks and 3 days. I am a little nervous as I have never been induced before but as this pregnancy has been so positive I am hoping the induction and birth will go just as well.

pregnancy diary 38 weeks

I am so excited to meet this little boy. I have found it really surreal third time round, and hard to picture myself as a mum of three. I always only imagined myself having two children and that was it. But we did plan our third baby and we did decide to try one last time and add to our family. It was mainly me as I absolutely love being a mum and I have loved growing and creating my family with Daniel I didn’t want it to end. Not just yet. Not at 28 years old. I also know that this blog has also contributed to my happiness as a mum giving me a purpose, and amazing job opportunities. I am just really happy with my life and everything in it. I hope it long continues. Most importantly I have two happy children and a happy husband and I couldn’t ask for more.

I am really looking forward to life with my three children and not feeling daunted by it at all. I was very nervous when I had Archie how I would manage to mother two children but I did it. This time both of my two are much older and much more of a help. I don’t need to change any nappies and they are quite independent children so I am really lucky in that sense. I know this baby will fit right in so well.

So here is to saying goodbye to this beautiful pregnancy and this little but quite large bump. I will always have fond memories of carrying you my boy and I look so forward to meeting you and seeing your face. I cant wait to hold you close and feel your soft skin. I cant wait to see what an amazing job my body has done helping you grow into a healthy little boy. Here is to your life on the outside and here is to wishing you the most amazing birth, a happy life and all the goodness you deserve and more. I love you so much already, we all do. And I cant wait to watch you grow alongside your brother and sister who are just as excited as me and your dad.

Your mummy x

pregnancy diary 38 weeks




  1. December 5, 2017 / 12:59 pm

    good luck with being induced – I haven’t had it before so can’t share tips unfortunately! You will be a fab mum of three! x

  2. December 5, 2017 / 10:30 pm

    You are making me so broody. I think we all get those thoughts about whether we’ll love them equally etc. So lovely to hear that your pregnancy has been good. From all the pics I’ve seen of you throughout, you’ve been glowing. I’ll be looking out for the arrival news x

  3. December 6, 2017 / 9:03 am

    Gorgeous photos lovely and i’m so glad to hear you’ve had a happy, healthy and stress-free pregnancy third time around. I’ve been following your updates on Facebook and looking forward to hearing news of your little man’s arrival soon! Good luck! xxx

  4. December 6, 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Oh how exciting! Good luck with the induction and keep positive- you’ll be fine 🙂


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