Kitchen trends for 2019


A new year, a new kitchen! What better time to revamp your old kitchen than after the festive season, when all the big cooking is over? I have teamed up with kitchens Newcastle experts at Bespoke Interiors to bring you some of the most mouth-watering kitchen interior trends for 2019!

Materials that don’t belong

Concrete and other industrial finishes are not going anywhere this year either! This is due to industrial, minimalist and contemporary interiors becoming increasingly more popular. By the same token, raw materials such as wood, steel and iron metals and brick are drumming up lots of interest by those looking for more progressive look for their kitchens.

Cold and warm all in one

2019 is the time to mix up the colour palette of your kitchen. Opt for warm colours with brass taps and handles and contrast those with cool toned tiles or painted furniture. Brushed brass has been taking over all design shows lately, establishing itself as the stand-out metal of the year.

Naked kitchens

Open plan farm-house style storage for kitchens is an easy way to add a homey feel to your kitchen. If executed well can also be an easy way to add splashes of colour and textures. For a pop of colour, add a potted plant alongside your storage containers, this will inject some colour and add some texture to your storage. 


Don’t let it sink

A trend that has been sweeping across in popularity among interior design influencers – statement kitchen sinks. This is a trend about taking functionality to the next level and making it look rich and luxurious. Embossed metallic sinks (pick brushed brass for ticking off two trends) with engravings details are the new must-have for those looking to elevate their kitchen to the next level! 


Contrast the shiny with matte

Matte black fixtures and appliances mixed with wooden shelving are replacing the in-the-past trendy shiny and polished black countertops. The dark matte finish is going to be extremely forgiving as well as trendy in a family home because it reduces the appearance of fingerprints and streak marks.

You could incorporate all of these trends or just one for an impactful change to your kitchen in 2019!

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