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just todayToday was our usual Thursday together, just Sophia, Archie and I. Most of the time we don’t have any plans and we make our day up as we go along. Most of the time I love this because we can wake up and have breakfast without any rush and can take the day as it comes, which is a change from our planned Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So it is a day I really look forward to each week.

Today I took both the children for a walk to our local park, and we walked a path we hadn’t before and it was beautiful and not something I was even aware existed. The green around us was just beautiful. That is one thing I really love about the summer.

just today 3After about 40 minutes at the park it started to lightly rain, so we took a brisk walk home to get my washing off the line. When we were home we saw our cat buttons looking really sorry for himself and I was a little concerned about him, as his third eye was half covering his eye, it looked a bit irritated and he looked really under the weather. I called the vets and arranged an appointment for the afternoon.

We took him in and saw a lovely lady who actually tried her best with buttons, he absolutely loathes the vet’s. He never used to when he was a kitten until his last vaccine which hurt him so ever since then he has been really had work for the vets, he is a lot bigger now and a lot stronger too.

The vet told us he has a virus which is nothing serious and will take a couple of weeks to get over, so I was really relived to find out he was okay and no antibiotics were needed.

When we arrived home I was adamant to get on with our garden shed, my husband has completed the inside so all that is left to do is complete the outside. I spent the rest of the day sanding the whole thing down. I was covered in old dust and old paint, I felt gross, but it was worth it because we can start painting now. I actually started painting it but hardly got anything done as it was gone 5pm and both children were screaming at me. So I decided to finish up and leave it there for the day.just today 1While I painted of course my children wanted to help me and do it too. So I gave them their paints and they had fun in the garden together for about 30 minutes, and then it was all down hill from there.Just today

I took them inside for a nice bath and clean up because they were both a mess. I then started dinner. Both the children attempted to help me, dragging two chairs to the counter and standing right next to me playing with the fridge magnets while I made dinner!just today 4While they were playing chef’s with the magnets and using the wooden spoons to stir and knifes and forks to eat with. It was very cute.

I notice with my children no matter what I am doing they want to be with me. Both are like my little shadows just following me about my day while I paint, cook and do the chores. Sometimes it can be less then helpful as they throw the clean wet washing all over the clothes horse, or clap their flour covered hands together and watch it fall to the floor.

It is never ending with the two of them, but when I have a quiet moment to myself I really have a chance to appreciate ever little moment these two give me even if in the moment I am a little flustered or a little stressed the quiet moments really instil a sense of gratitude in me for all the busyness, the craziness, the mess, the noise, the clutter, the never ‘just so’ house.

All of this, it reminds me that I am living, right in the thick of it with two of the most very special little people to me. So very special indeed.


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  1. Debbie
    July 16, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    I absolutely loved this post. Reading about your day and how much you achieved and i am sure you know how much you tsught your children aling the way. To you my love…an amazing mother…so proud of you…xxxx

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