How to Get the Perfect Home Spa Experience

Recently it was found that working mums were up to 40% more stressed than other workers, which isn’t surprising.

Between getting yourself and one, two or even three or more children, washed, fed and dressed in the morning, which is a mighty task in itself, to getting them to the school, then yourself to work can be very stressful. Add the pressure of doing all of this on time, your daily work stress, the pressures of managing a home, and then your own personal life on top – it all adds up doesn’t it?

But, how can you combat this daily stress? Well, you could try a little mini-break or a trip to the spa, but as we all know, getting away for an afternoon or a night can be tricky. So why don’t you do it at home?

Easy to create with some home aromatherapy oils and a few other bits and pieces, you’ll be able to feel the stress melt away. Here are our top tips for the perfect home space experience.


Perfect for helping you to relax and unwind in multiple ways, these luxurious treatments can also give you fabulous skin. Ideal for when you’ve been stressed, you can add these to your bath to provide you with an extra relaxing soak. Meanwhile, lighting some essential oil burners to fill the room with relaxing, calming scents, will also help you unwind with ease.

Mood Lighting

Now, a harsh white light, whether you’re in the living room or bathroom won’t necessarily help you unwind. So, to create that wondrous spa-like experience, turn off the lights and grab yourself an array of candles. Light them up and feel your troubles melt away. If you’re slipping into the bath, light a few tea lights and place them around the edge. This will help create a peaceful atmosphere, while your troubles melt away in the waters.

The Right Sounds

Making sure you find the right music to add to the spa experience really adds to the calming atmosphere. The music choice is completely up to you, so whether you want soul, classical or even rock, create yourself a playlist on your Spotify or Apple Music, click play, and let it relax and de-stress you.

Perfect Pamper Material

Finally, don’t stop at sounds, scents and a bath. Grab yourself a selection of face masks, foot moisturisers, skin creams and even some cucumber slices and buckle up for an evening of ultimate relaxation. Not only will this help you completely unwind, but it’ll leave you in the right frame of mind for a good night sleep before you wake up ready to take on the next day.

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