How to Deal with Stress in a Very Large Family

It should come as no surprise to say that having a large family can bring great amounts of stress. There’re brighter moments mixed into the lifestyle that having a large family brings. Still, whether mother’s have large families or not, working mothers are reportedly 40% more stressed than other people, which shows the scale of the problem. 

With the problem now addressed, it’s time to focus on the solutions. After all, like many things, stress is big and ugly, but it does pass with time, tips and tricks.Here is how to deal with stress in a very large family. 

Look on the Bright Side

Looking on the bright side is a good and remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for. No matter how stressed you get, remember; you love your family, and your family loves you too. There’re many people out there who live alone or have tragically lost their families, so be thankful you still have your loved ones… even if they can be annoying from time to time. 

You can still go on those lovely family walks, have wonderful dinners together, attend family events, special occasions, and overall just live a busy, active life with real purpose. You’re a unit, a team who has each other’s backs and genuinely care and love one another. You’d be surprised how much you’ll miss your kids when they move out, so make the best of everything while you can!

Make Room For ‘Me Time’

This is probably one of the most important. Me time while being a mother is hard to find, but equally so important to make the time for it. Don’t feel guilty in doing this, and certainly don’t feel compelled to spend every waking, breathing moment helping your large family function. You’re only human, and humans occasionally need to rest and recharge.

Treat yourself; for example, have a day out with your friends here and there or surround yourself with a few relaxing goodies, reed diffusers and scented candles can help you create the ideal atmosphere at home. Often, large family duties are most stressful when you haven’t had a break for yourself in a very long time. Flag this next time you get overwhelmed and bring in some help whether it’s from your partner, family member or a professional nanny of sorts. Then, head off and live a little – it’s not a crime! 

Tell Someone!

The crushing sensation of stress can be at it’s most severe when you bottle it up inside. It can feel like your burden, your issue to deal with. Perhaps you don’t want to bother anyone by speaking out, or it could be that dealing with things alone is a matter of pride for you. People are depending on you, so how dare you struggle? Well, it’s time to banish these foolish notions from your head! 

If you’re getting stressed, tell someone! From here, you and your trusted partner can work together to make things better. When you voice your problems, you’ll get help, support and maybe even respect from those who care about you most. People bond best through adversity than simply pretending everything is okay. Speak up, and everything will get better! 

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