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It’s a Saturday.

I seem to have lost count of the days now that we have been in lockdown for so long, is it three weeks or two weeks or more? Who knows.

Dan is home from work. 

The day is already over, the boys are asleep and Sophia is just having a little more time before I turn her light out for the night. 

What a beautiful day. 

What a full day. 

It seems so out of all the days so far. 

I went shopping for food and cleaning products this morning and being out was not very nice, seeing people quietly panicking and avoiding each other, wearing gloves and face masks. It felt like I was living in a Sci-Fi movie. It’s still feels surreal. But each week I go get our food shop I expect it yet I cant shake the horrible feeling on my drive home. We have tried to book some delivery slots but there is nothing for weeks. So that is my plan this week to book a slot for a few weeks time. I don’t think I can face another food shop and next time I will ask Dan to go.

It’s sad. 

But, I caught myself this morning I was thinking about it after my food shopping trip and I got emotional and for the first time thinking about the actual consequences of what is going on, it hit me and I felt sad for what is happening. 

I know that we will get through this and all will be okay in the end I know so much good will come after this. I hold tight to that feeling. 

Despite being in lockdown, I try to keep positive and make sure I’m focusing on all the good in my day and keeping my mind on the day in front of me rather then the past or future. 

It’s my way of getting through this, of coping, I take each day as it comes and do my best for that day. 

Focusing on the positives is what we must all do as much as we can. Focusing on the doom and gloom of a situation will make it worse for all of us. There is always good to be found somewhere. And always something to be grateful for.

Our day today was just lovely, having Dan home was lovely, we took the loveliest little walk just by our house, the sun was so bright and so warm and every inch of my body seemed to soak it up. I think I smiled at the sun all day. It caught me. 

I dream of days like today when we are feeling happy and we are together, under the circumstances and only recently as its just been winter and constant rain its so nice to welcome the sun its a huge mood lifter its a new season and a new reason to smile. The sun makes me full of thanks and we are reminded that there is so much good here on earth, there is so much good to see and to soak in each day, in the smallest things around us. Especially in nature.

Whilst in lockdown, I’ve been doing lots of recording of our days over on YouTube. I have a few scheduled over the next few days. I thought that being in lockdown would be a perfect time to capture our everyday, just the normal day to day life we have right now. 

I love our life so much, I love the people I share it with my children and my husband mean the world and more to me. And I feel so lucky I will have these memories to look back on of us. 

I hope that when you guys pop over here you are inspired to keep making the best of your days, in small ways and the best way you can under your own unique set of circumstances right now. We have so much to be grateful for, so much to smile for.

Live your life each day to your fullest ability and shower yourself and your family in your love. We can never give too much. 

Thinking of you all I hope you are keeping happy and safe at this time. I am always thinking of you all around the world and wishing you the best. I know we will get through this together, I feel it so strongly. Sending my love. 


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  1. April 11, 2020 / 8:42 pm

    I have well and truly lost count of how many days and even what day of the week it is. I even forgot it was April the other day! The weather is just glorious though isn’t it?!

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