How do you measure your worth?


Your Worth

Life is strange, us human beings are strange, don’t you think? We tend to measure our value and worth on what we are doing, and when we are not doing something or achieving something we automatically assume we are not of any value.

When you see a family  member or a friend who you haven’t seen for some time it is almost inevitable that you will discuss life and what you do, what you have been doing. Sometimes it can be hard to answer because you might not have been doing anything new and sometimes not really doing anything at all. But that doesn’t define your worth.

But I think we have it all wrong. In many ways. We are human beings after all and we need time to just be that. We need time to think, to be still, to listen and to watch. We need to be able to forget about all the other physical stuff. Sometimes we just need a moment to be in our own quietness and stillness to reconnect with ourselves and meditate on nothing in particular but just stillness. I don’t do it often and more times than not I am thinking about all the one million jobs I need to still do as mum, that I really need to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and all the mess from the children, the list is honestly well and truly endless.

How to Switch off?

It is hard to switch off sometimes. Your mind never stops. At least mine doesn’t. I am still learning how to do that. Any advice welcomed!

But sometimes I feel as if I am so busy I have no time to think clearly, and certainly no time to really just be. And mostly that it what we all really crave in life, we need an escape, a place to relax, to regain all that we have lost, to shed the stress and pressure of our day to day lives, to recharge.

I think most of us are always in a constant battle between being too busy and being too still. It’s all about finding the right balance in life with everything you find important. It really is. For your own peace of mind and own wellbeing. It’s a challenge we all face.

It’s part of being human, and really it is wonderful to be in complete control of one’s own thoughts and choices. I really see that as a gift. We are given so much, our plates are overfilling, and sometimes it is hard to accommodate it all and separate each part of our lives into their correct places, juggling work and children and role as mum. Juggling it is all is a challenge. A really exciting and wonderful challenge we all face in this life.

How you look at life is key, your mindset and perspective defines so much of your day to day life. Your present and it effects your future.

Be Creative

The beauty is being creative with it, being creative with time, creative with your juggling and creative with everything you have to learn to accommodate. Being creative with your life is what makes it work for you. You can do anything you wish.

Here is to life and choices and learning to be still while carrying the weight of all the physical ‘stuff’ that surrounds us day to day. Here is to it all.


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