{The Ordinary Moments 15} #22 How did four and a half years happen already?

 Just lately without any forceful intention from my husband and I or any persistence from Sophia, she has gained by all three of our own admissions, more independence. 

It is in the little things she does; she grabs the milk out of the fridge for me and will kindly fetch her brother’s wipes and nappy from the room when he needs changing. She will pack some of her laundry away, sometimes help me make the beds. This past week on half term we have allowed her to stay up till 9pm some evenings, there is no more eat a little more Sophia, or just 5 more mouth full’s Sophia. I hardly ever find myself saying no more sweets or you can’t have that or this or not that Sophia. Because she is learning her boundaries, we are learning to trust her and her desicions. And it’s really in realising this I see she is not only growing up but we are in preparation of life with her in the future. 

She so smoothly; without any effort from our side or her side has transitioned yet again. She no longer needs Mollycoddling. In all honestly it’s been like this for a while, but today, well tonight as I write this in bed I’m warm I’m cosy and I was about to drift off to sleep when I was thinking about what a perfect day I have had with her how Archie is becoming more independent, enough so that although Sophia is more independent she is now able to be a little clingy with me again. She is able to come for cuddles and ask to be held or carried from granny’s to the car, because I no longer have a baby attached to my breast or my hip. And it is beautiful. It is in the simple change in our family dynamic that has shifted not only Archie from baby to 18 month old toddler, but shifted Sophia to independent big sister. Self assured in and around her home, eager to be big and I know this because yesterday she said to me: 

I don’t want to be treated like a kid anymore mummy’ 

I sat in wonder at how my 4 and half year old could articulate herself like that to me! 

It made me giggle and my jaw dropped too!

But it’s funny because in the next breathe she is my baby girl again.

Just yesterday after a trip out we had the most profound moment together me and her. I had arrived home and we were cuddling, laughing and playing on my bed and she said to me: 

“mummy I don’t ever want to leave home, I want to live with you forever and ever and ever and ever, because I love you so much’ 

I had to stop myself from crying it truly was so heart warming to hear her say that to me in her cute little four and half year old voice.

“Aw I love you so much too” I reassured her: ” you don’t ever have to leave home Sophia you can live with mummy forever and ever”

In life’s fleeting moments, in the crazyness and the busyness of everydayness. This little girl reminds me to stop. She reminds me to soak it up now. That there is joy in a single moment. I found that joy in her yesterday it was a small moment that lasted mere seconds. But it created feelings in me I remember so vividly which are so strongly imprinted in my heart I will never let that moment and those feelings go. It’s a real memory that evoked the strongest feelings in my heart and soul. In fact I find it hard to articulate exactly how strong they were. My daughter is pure happiness. She shows me everyday how to be happy and that I am blessed.

She shows me that she can do this life thing, she is getting the hang of it, she is learning slowly and becoming more independent and although that makes her mummy ever so nervous and giddy that it’s all flashing by in an instant it makes her mummy happy that she can and she is doing life, and so amazingly well too.

There is a knack to this life thing and we all have to learn it! It’s a beautiful experience to watch your child get it, because it reminds you just how much guidance you needed growing up and I can’t wait to share with Sophia all that I can to help her experience it and make this life worthwhile, easy, beautiful and full of the abundance she deserves.

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  1. June 2, 2015 / 5:41 am

    What a beautiful post hun, it’s crazy how independent they get at such a young age. She sounds like a lovely little girl. Alex xxx

    • Tanita
      June 2, 2015 / 7:31 pm

      Thank you so much Alex! x

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