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*This post is written in collaboration, as part of an ongoing campaign.

Something that is really important to me is taking care of myself. In terms of actively helping my body feel good. Finding time to exercise, have a relaxing bath, read, eat good food and get things in order. Making sure I am taking care of myself not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and eating well too.

I am going to be working with The Restored on their new campaign to help promote a healthier lifestyle especially for those of us who are busy and life can be somewhat fast paced. You can still find the time to look after yourself.

The Restored’s Four Foundations Of Health


The Restored have spent years in pursuit of restoring health by exploring everything in the health and wellness industry. 

There is so much advice out there it can get overwhelming. The Restored cuts through all of it and gives you four simple foundations to improving your health right now. 

At Restored they think of sleep as recovery which is exactly what sleep is. It’s a time for your body to rest, heal and recharge for a new day. Without adequate sleep our bodies don’t function at their optimum, and would mean working out would be hard and energy levels lower throughout our day. 

The way we feel is effected a lot by what we eat, making sure we get the right nutrients and enough throughout our day is important. The right fuel for our bodies means our health, mood, and energy can be high. 

Movement is so important. Essentially our bodies thrive off of it. We all deserve the freedom to move and exercise pain free. 

Our minds are so powerful and having a positive mindset and one that will help you to make the right choices for yourself and body everyday is so important. 

When you put all of these four foundations together you see how they are all connected and all benefit each other. That is what The restored is all about. Helping you make these connections with your body mind, your nutrition and your sleeping habits to that you can feel your best everyday. 

Recently I took The Restored quiz to see what my body might be lacking whether it was sleep or omega 3 or nutrition. You can take it too and start your health journey.

I did the quiz and it came back that I could benefit from taking a multivitamin or omega 3. 

Quite accurate as I don’t really eat fish at all it’s just not something that appeals to me very much so I could definitely benefit from that. 

And recently I’ve not been taking extra care with my diet to eat healthy and natural foods. I do like to take a multivitamin but I haven’t been doing that for a while so I wasn’t surprised at my results. 

Over the next few months I am going to be working with The Restored to improve my health. I am going to be taking their multivitamin along with actively doing things to improve my health. I’m going to be exercising regularly during the week. I’d like to go for a run at least once a week and also I’d like to do some at home workouts with weights at least three times a week. I think movement and exercise is so important and I think that will be plenty for me. 

Sleep is also a huge factor when it comes to your health and getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night is really beneficial for your overall health. 

I do try to go to bed at a reasonable hour it just depends sometimes if Arthur is up in the night time or if I have work in the evenings. I usually do get my 7 hours which is great because I am a person who loves a good nights sleep. I’ve definitely had my fair share of sleepless nights over the years though! 

What I love about The Restored is their healthy and achievable take on health. It really is not one way fits all its a connection to all of the foundations they mention, coming together to suit each persons individual needs. 

I am really looking forward to making some improvements to my daily routine and habits to see how I can benefit in following along with The Restored foundations. Im really looking forward to it, to documenting my results and to updating you in a few months with my next post. 

Here is to putting in the effort to feel healthy in our bodies and minds. I hope you’ll join along with me or start making small changes to get your wellbeing and health at its best. Do it for you! 


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  1. July 11, 2019 / 1:13 am

    The Restored sounds very inspiring. Cool you’ll get to work with them! I agree that those four aspects (sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset) are incredibly important. Of course, I also believe that “spending time outdoors in nature” is important – can work well with movement and mindset.
    And the pictures of you and the baby are adorable!
    xx Luci

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