Getting ready for Christmas 2018


born giftedI am looking so forward to Christmas this year for so many reasons. I feel like each year it’s even better. Sophia, Archie and Arthur make it so much fun. I love putting everything together for them and making memories that they will remember for a lifetime. I think my favourite part is putting the tree up and all the decorations up and then getting everything ready for Santa the night before Christmas. I really wanted to get personalised baubles to put on it this year but I am not sure if I have left it to late.

I also love baking with them and I like to make some sort of cake, or biscuits with them, we bake throughout the year but its nice to bake something christmassy.

born gifted

I was very kindly sent this lovely personalised baking set from Born Gifted which I cant wait to use with the children. Its a little mini set and is perfect for any age. I thought Sophia would love it but Arthur has taken a liking to it and wants to hold the wooden spoon all the time.

born gifted

I am going to be putting together a little Christmas eve box for the kids. I am nearly finished it I just have to put some pj’s in it first I have to find some and then I need to find a lovely red ribbon to tie round the basket. Its one of my favourite things to get ready for them around Christmas. They adore opening it on Christmas eve morning and we enjoy a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows. Its these little traditions that they will always remember and hopefully carry on with their children.

born gifted

I think the best part of it all is just making a fuss and having everyone together to enjoy good food, good company and laughter. Thats my favourite thing about it all.

I also look so forward to putting Santa’s bits out for him on Christmas eve it will be Arthur’s first time really as last year he was fast asleep he was only two weeks old when it was Christmas last year!

born gifted

I had this exact plate for Sophia and Archie but with only their names on, so I am so pleased to now have the same plate with Arthur’s name on it too thanks to Born Gifted.

I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas, I am hoping to put my tree up this weekend after Archie’s birthday! Have you all put your decorations up yet?

born gifted

*Items in this post were gifted


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