Fun Things to do Over Summer Break


It’s summer break and your kids are out of school. What should you do next? The simple answer is to allow them to lounge around the house and relax. That can be really fun but it can get old very quickly. A better idea is to spend some time engaging in activities outside of the home. You can send your little one off on adventures on their own or you can join them for some family fun.

We have some great ideas about what you can do. Let’s get started

Go Outside

Go to the park, run around the backyard, walk the dogs. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get outside. Modern culture makes it very easy to remain cooped up inside. Your kids might spend days locked in their room playing video games and watching TV.

It’s summer break so the temperature outside might be forbidding in certain climates. Even so, try to spend at least a few minutes getting some fresh air. It’s good for your kids to be connected to nature.

Here are some fun outdoor activities you can try:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnic in the park
  • Go to a farmer’s market
  • Indoor ce skating

Send Them to Camp

Your kids need opportunities to grow and socialize on their own. Send them to camp is a great way to do this. They get to meet other young people and learn new things. There are even camps that take students abroad. Experience America organizes tours and camp programs across the U.S. and Canada. Students from across the globe attend.

You might feel nervous about allowing your child to travel on their own. However, you can mitigate those fears by choosing a well-respected and reputable company.

Write a Book

Storytime doesn’t have to end when your kids grow up. There’s magic and wonder in being creative as a family. If your kids are still little, you can try creating a picture book together. There are companies that will print a beautiful, bound copy.

Older kids can write a story as well. Try to discuss the details every day. Once your story is complete, you’ll have a treasured family memory to reflect on.

Get Active

Even if your kids aren’t interested in sports, they should still spend time engaging in physical activities. No youngster should be allowed to turn into a couch potato. Encouraging exercise while your kids are still young will set them up for a better future.

You can try swimming laps at your community pool or you can take your kids to have fun at a batting range. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Rather than choosing an activity that your kids will have to force themselves to get through, pick something that can enjoy. 

Learn How to Cook

Everyone needs to know how to cook. If your kids don’t know how to whip up a meal for themselves yet they’re old enough to be in the kitchen, think about teaching them. Learning how to cook is a fun activity that will reward your children for life. They won’t have to eat ramen noodles when they move out if they know how to prepare a tasty, frugal dinner.

Don’t start off with an ambitious three-course meal. Start simple. Oven-roasted chicken, a simple salad. It’s easier to fall in love with cooking when you start out by making dishes that you love.

Start Working

Are your kids working yet? If they’re old enough to have a job, you should think about letting them have one. In addition to providing pocket money, a teen job teaches work ethic and gives experience. You might even be able to find a job that allows your teen to only work during school breaks.

If your kids are too young to join the official workplace, you can give them a job yourself. Let them work for you during summer break. You can have them complete tasks around the house and backyard. It’s better to have them work for their money than to simply give it to them.

Put on a Play

You don’t need to go to the theater to see a play, you can watch one in your own living room! Get the whole family involved in a short production. It’s fun and free.

School breaks are a time to relax but they can also be used to expose your kids to new thoughts and experiences. Responsibility-free vacation time is a rare gift in life. Your kids need to enjoy it while they still have a chance.

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