From a mother to another

a mother to another

Did you know that 66,000 shoes, boots & items of baby clothing have been saved from landfill & sent to those in need?

Jojo Maman Bebe are asking for your help, leading up to mothers day 2016 they are asking for you to gift any of your children’s unwanted clothing garments and drop them off to one of the local Jojo Maman Bebe stores across the UK. The garments you donate will be distributed by some of the Trussell Trust’s 420 Food banks across the UK and by a number of partner charities on the ground in Lebanon.

I am delighted to be joining in with the ‘From A Mother To Another’ campaign with JoJo this year. It brings me great happiness to be able to hand some really well looked after and hardly worn clothes to other mothers and children.

Sophia is five and went through her wardrobe with me and picked out all the clothes she was willing to give away and paired them together. She created 3 outfits from her wardrobe, she even gave a pair of her favourite blue gloves and was so pleased to be able to give them to another child. I enjoy getting her involved in giving to others as I think it is such a a great way to learn empathy and compassion.

Did you know:

Nearly a third of the UK’s clothing ends up in landfill, equating to 350,000 tonnes a year. By extending the life of clothes by just three months of active use, carbon and water waste could be reduced by up to 5-10% a year. Sending good quality, little worn hand-me-downs to those in need could mean they are worn by many more children.

From a Mother to Another, the initiative from JoJo Maman Bébé, collecting starts again on 2nd Feb 2016.

The aim:

The aim is to reduce the shocking levels of clothing waste that end up in a landfill whilst helping those in need in the UK and helping thousands of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

How can you help?

JoJo will be collecting good quality outgrown baby and children’s clothes in sizes 0-6 years at their 72 stores across the UK and Ireland. Customers are asked to make up complete outfits to give something worthwhile this mother’s day.

donation example
Laura Tenison, founder & CEO of JoJo visited refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley on the Lebanese Syrian border late last year. As a result JoJo launched an urgent appeal to collect winter shoes and boots for the children living in tents.

When visiting the camps Laura explained; “The situation is dire and the millions of women and children living in makeshift tents are in urgent need of emergency humanitarian aid to help until it is safe to travel home – just a few miles across the border. They left Syria with whatever they could carry. Their children have outgrown their clothes long ago and are often in rags. The gift of a FAMTA pack brings tears of gratitude. Children are dying from the cold, we just had to help.”

JoJo Maman Bébé will cover the extensive costs of checking, sorting, shipping, customs clearance and managing the logistics of delivering the parcels to the partner charities in Lebanon and to the Trussell Trust’s Foodbanks across the UK.

You can help too, it is so easy to donate! If you would like to get involved, donations are being taken at JoJo stores between 2nd February – 5th March 2016.donation example packagedJojo are offering a £5 thank you voucher for every two packages of outgrown, good quality outfits that are donated. (one voucher valid per customer. Valid with a minimum spend of £35)

I look forward to taking Sophia with me to donate what she has put together for the campaign.


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