Feeling Content

What makes you feel content? And so Peaceful? When there might be other things going on externally in your life but no matter the buzz around you, you are able to zone into that really deep peaceful feeling within yourself.

For me it’s those evenings when the kids are settled after bath time, quiet and chilled out after a long day in the sun. It’s those late summer mornings when you wake up hours after the sun has risen, when you face is a soft red shade from been in the sun the day before. It’s the feeling of sun kissed skin. Its the feeling of knowing you have the rest of the summer holidays with your children to still look forward to.

It’s that feeling when your hubby arrives home from work and you smile at each other knowing your team is once again reunited. Its spending the summer evenings together in the garden or a local pub garden with an outdoor play area so the kids can play and we can sip a cool drink and watch them. It’s that feeling of seeing your children happy and smile and laugh and run. It’s that feeling of content that passes each of us throughout our days in the small ordinary moments of everyday life.

Its thats feeling knowing your kiddos are all bathed in their clean pj’s ready for bed, cosy in their bedrooms feeling loved and happy.

Its a feeling I’ve always wanted to nurture and keep close. It feels so good and reminds me I am safe, we are safe and all is well. I have also learned that with any good feeling you can also feel the opposite at the same time sometimes.

Feelings, like us are not perfect. I can feel content but feel anxious and know the anxiety will pass. I can feel sad yet feel content and know the sadness will pass. So never be hard on yourself for your changing emotions, they are all part and parcel of our humaness. Lets embrace it.

This moment with my boys just sitting side by side and Arthur wanting to do everything just like his big brother melts my heart. Sibling love is the greatest love, and the most fickle love, at any given moment they can decide not to be friends, over a football or a yogurt or which side of the blanket they want. But in seconds and just like that they can be laughing and giggling with each other again and thats what I love most. Their emotions always so natural and on display. They never hide them, yet we as adults unconsciously can teach them too. And here we are as adults trying to make sense of our changing emotions.

Parenting can be hard, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially when wanted by everyone at once. But breathe and go to that inner feeling of content and peace. We all have it. And remember these years are short, more than anything I want to hold these moments in my heart now and not feel like when they are older I still need to hold onto them in fear of letting go. I want it all to be this smooth transition so that we can all be content and happy with the changing seasons that life brings us. Because life is full of change. And in the midst of change or deep emotions know that we all have that peaceful place that content feeling that we can turn to.


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