Lets go to Wales for the Belgium Waffles!

Family Weekend away

We recently went up to Wales for a family weekend away. I had the most amazing Belgium waffles! We have been before and this time went for a little longer as it was a bank holiday weekend. This time I did a lot of video recording instead of taking pictures. I have a new found love for video. I am really excited to be incorporating video footage into my blog a little more now. I love watching beautiful clips of family footage as well as reading beautifully written blog posts. So I thought you would appreciate it too and also hopefully enjoy it!

What I want more than anything is to remember. I want to remember the small moments, the ones where we sit in each others company, and I just stare at my children, their little feet, little hands. Their small tiny features and inquisitive eyes. There is nothing more beautiful on this earth then watching your child. Watching them blossom, reaching their potential, dancing to the beautiful rhythm of life we all take for granted everyday. This is what I so desperately want to capture. My children when they least expect it. The footage I captured over the weekend are what my dreams are made of. Happiness, love and more happiness. I am so thankful.

Family weekend away

So I video recored every day, and racked up quite a lot of footage nearly two hours worth, which I managed to split up into three films of about 20 minutes each. Lots of memories right here for us all to watch back in ten or so years time. I cant believe that by then Sophia will be 15 years old and Archie 11 years old. It makes me so happy to watch my two grow and to have a loving supportive family running right along side us makes it all worth it. I will say it again… I am truly thankful for it all. I have a wonderful family and I cherish the moments with them. I would like to think that these short films are a gift to them of how very much I love and adore each one of them.

Day one

On the first day we waited in the morning for granny to come collect us (my mother in law). We set off on our journey at about 8.30am. We stopped at about 11 at the services for some brunch. We finally arrived in Shropshire just gone 2pm and headed straight to pick up the children’s cousin from nursery. They were all so very happy to see each other and of course we took them straight to the park to burn off some of their energy. After the park we headed to Costa’s for some well deserved tea and cake. My sister in law met us there after she finished work and we took the children to a play area to run around. They all had so much fun. Afterwards we were going to go to Prezzo in the town centre but the service was slow and the children were not in the mood to be waiting a long time for dinner. So we went to Marks and Spencer and grabbed a pizza and pasta dinner. They all ate really well and following dinner we gave them a nice bath and got them into their pj’s. We had a long day with all the travelling but it was really the icing on the cake for me when the children finally got to see their cousin and spend the afternoon with her. They have missed her so much.

Day two

Day two was a lovely day, we had recovered from our travels, and Mr T had arrived just before midnight the night before along with his dad. We set off early as we were booked in for a steam train ride and a visit to meet Peppa Pig. I caught this all on camera, and I am so glad I did because this was definitely a ‘moment’ for the girls. Archie was a bit scared of Peppa as you will see on the film so didn’t even attempt to go up and say hello. We then went for lunch and all had toasted sandwiches which was a lovely treat. It always reminds me of when I was younger as mum used to make us toasted sandwiches. We then headed into town where live music was being played and had some scrumptious Belgium waffles and ice cream. We all had a good old boogie, we all especially loved granddad’s jig, I laughed so much I got belly ache! It was a really good day. I ended filming there for the day, but on arriving home Archie had a short nap and then my mother and sister in law took the children out for a walk and I stayed at home to edit. They had a lovely time, I was shown some lovely videos of them pretending to be witches and little old men with walking sticks.

We put the children to bed at about 8 o’clock and enjoyed an evening of adult conversation and some real meaningful chatter between the five of us. I think we all shed a couple of tears while watching the video I had put together. We are all just so grateful to have each other. When I met my husband I didn’t realise how blessed I really was until I became close to his family. We spend an awful lot of time together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are there for us in many ways and it is something that we are truly thankful for. We are thankful for everything they do.

Something I learnt on this holiday is to wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t waste one moment telling the people you love that you love them. Don’t waste anytime enjoying your free time together. It’s the most special time and you won’t get it back. I have always held my tears in, tried not to cry or show my emotions because it is scary. It’s scary to be yourself and just let the emotions pour out of you, its easier to shut off. And I have done that my whole life. We all have these patterns inbuilt into us through the generations that came before us, our mother and fathers and grandparents they all shaped our personalities and character in many ways which we will never fully realise. So there is so much to learn from your parents and how they were brought up. It will tell you a lot about yourself. I still find myself learning, its all very interesting and the more I grow the more I learn about who my parents are and what they have taught me. Its been a crazy 26 years thats for sure. What I am particularly grateful for is the growing admiration I have for the two people, with no one but each other, who raised me and my sister’s single handedly with nothing but their love, blows me away each day. It blows me away that with everything they had been through they raised us, they grew us and they have achieved more than anything I could ever express. By just being who they are they have shown me the most amazing life and helped me achieve my dreams. I am lucky to call them my parents.

family Weekend away

Family weekend away

Day three

I will move onto day three now because I seem to have moved off of it somehow! On day three which was our last full day (as we left early at about 10 am on the Monday morning), we went to a boot fair in the morning we left home just after 8am. I love a good Boot Fair. My parents have always enjoyed them and so do my in laws. The children especially as they get to play with the toys as we walk round each stall. Sophia enjoys it a lot more now as we give her a little money and she goes round and spends it on what she likes. She bought herself a little Bambi china figure to go on her shelf in her room. She loves trinkets and ornaments. She also bought two cuddly dogs, and a vet set, which is a van that has an X-ray machine inside of it and a lady and a horse and a few other bits. It was only a fiver and she hasn’t stopped playing with it. Archie bought a tool work station which came with a screwdriver and a hammer his granny bought it for him it was only a pound and he absolutely loves it. He has played with it everyday since we arrived home. Once we were finished at the boot fair we came home and rested for a bit as we were all a little exhausted from our fun packed couple of days.

At 2pm we headed to my mother in laws sisters’ house for a lovely family BBQ. The weather was lovely on Sunday and after dinner we went for lovely walk. Walking home Sophia asked me for a pizza, so I bought the children all a pizza to share and then we bathed them and dressed them into their pj’s. You might notice in the video Archie wearing his cousins clothes. I had forgotten to take along pj’s for the children so they borrowed their cousins clothes and Archie looked ever so funny waddling around in a frilly white top and yellow trousers. Once we had all had a little piece of chocolate cake we kissed and hugged everyone goodbye and headed back for a good nights sleep.

We had a lovely break. We came home with full bellies and full hearts. We feel really blessed to be a part of such a loving and caring family. There is something so special about spending time with family and having a good time together. You can never replace or redo moments like this so being able to treasure them fully at the time of experiencing them is so important, and so worth it too.

I would love to know what you did for the bank holiday weekend?



  1. September 6, 2015 / 8:12 am

    It sounds like a lovely bank holiday weekend Tanita and I am obsessed with waffles and pancakes. They are definitely our family treat if we go away or out for the day. Especially with whipped cream and nutella. Yum. Love how much you are vlogging too! x

    • Tanita
      September 6, 2015 / 9:09 pm

      Yes us too! It is such treat isn’t it! Aw thank you! x

  2. September 15, 2015 / 9:49 am

    Sounds like a fab weekend. I wished I’d videoed my boys more when they were little. They’re now 6 & 8 it’s just the little every day things you forget. Just started making small videos of them now. #twinklytuesday

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