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Although I love our home so much its far from perfect, we have worked so hard to renovate each room in our house over the last four years. It is just a case of making each room exactly how we want it with decor and accessories. 

I have been spending lots of time looking online for ideas and items I might want to buy, I came across LionsHome, the perfect online shop for all your home needs.

It’s all a process of saving and buying what we would like. But you really don’t have to spend a lot to make your home cosy. We have just finished renovating the children’s bedrooms. We split one large room into two smaller ones. They are quite small rooms but they are perfect for whet we needed. Sophia wanted a double bed so its taken up a lot of room, but it’s a beautiful bed and her room is so cosy for her, take a sneak peak if you would like. I haven’t finished the boys rooms yet in terms of adding finishing touches like shelves and matching bedding. But we are not far off. I just need to tie it all together for them. 

I have listed five things here that I think make a cosy home. These are five things that I have tried to do in my own home right now while we save to complete and add all the finishing touches to the children’s room and our bedroom too.

1.Have a place for everything

This is so important to me. We don’t have a lot of storage in our house apart from the loft. So no everyday cupboards really. We have two cupboards in the whole house which I use for my mop, hoover, and coats. 

Having lived with all of us only having one bedroom while we split the bigger room in two, to then having three rooms once the renovating had finished meant while living with just the one bedroom I really had to cut back on our stuff and find a place for everything. It takes a while but I really believe less is more. Throw out those things that you don’t use the clothes you don’t use and shoes, the Tupperware anything and everything that is just sitting around collecting dust. Its so worth it because it gives you more space for the things you do use. 

2. Add little accessories to make a room feel cosier and more homely 

I have always tried to do this at home just to make a room feel prettier and cosier. It is so nice to walk into a room that has some small accessories like a bouquet of flowers or some decorative cushions, or pretty ornaments. It makes such a difference to the feel of the room and to how you feel in your home too. 

3. Use a neutral colour palette so you can always change up a rooms colour scheme and or add different accessories. 

When we have redecorated each room we have only used white or light grey which gives us the option to move rooms around or change the colour scheme of a room. We have however opened our minds to a bit of colour and added a light pink shade in Sophia’s room and a darker grey in the boys room. Which I really love and I am so happy we did. 

4. Atmosphere and Lighting 

The lighting in our house is really important to me. I like the kitchen been nice and bright and the living room to be a more cosier warm light that’s not too bright. It makes such a difference to the feeling of the room. I also like to add candles to add a touch of cosy atmosphere to the rooms. 

5. Cosy blankets

I love decorative blankets in the bedroom and living room. I think it adds such a cosy feel and makes you want to dive into bed or on your sofa at the end of a long day and settle down for the evening. 

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to make you home a little cosier and how I create that cosier atmosphere easily and not spending much either. 


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