Easter Baskets

Easter baskets

It has been a bit of a mad rush this week, and I have left the children’s Easter baskets till the last minute. I was in town earlier this week and picked up a couple of bits from the One-pound-Shop. I am doing and Easter Egg Hunt Party at our house this Sunday, so I have bought quiet a few bits for the children for that. As well as doing a lot of crafts and baking this whole week, so I didn’t go too crazy with their baskets, they are both very simple, I would have liked to include a couple more bits each but I have left it too late.

easter baskets 1

Easter baskets 3

I bought some Easter bunny ears for Archie, and an Easter egg headband for Sophia, an Easter egg each, Archie a lamb and Sophia a Bunny. As well as a little sweet bag which I made myself. I picked up the cellophane Easter bags from the One Pound Shop a while ago because I thought they were lovely, and decided to fill them up with sweets.

I made a few, one for our next-door neighbour’s little girl and one for the children’s cousin.

easter 4

easter 5

I have had such a good few weeks preparing for Easter and collecting little bits here and there, there are always such lovely bits in the supermarkets, and the little shops dotted around our town center, I really have had to hold myself back from buying too much.

Hope you have all enjoyed preparing for Easter, I find it so enjoyable putting bits together for my children, and I am excited to see their little faces.






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