{The Ordinary Moments 15} #13 Easter at Groombridge Place with Alice in Wonderland

Groombridge Place

We went to Groombridge Place to the Easter Event, with Alice in Wonderland and characters. It was magical. The characters were extremely detailed and lovely to look at so bright and colourful. We had visited last year too, for the Halloween spectacular; I have linked it if you want to have a look.

Archie at Groombridge

S and A at GroombridgeWe had such a great time as a family I captured photos when I could and when I wasn’t distracted, with playing, running and chasing the children, or sitting and enjoying the scenery.

When we arrived we took the lovely Boat ride to Wonderland, where we searched for six different coloured Easter eggs. We met many character along the way and when we finally reached the Queen of Hearts she gave us a packet of sweets in exchange for our eggs. It was a great hunt and Sophia really enjoyed using her imagination, she was so enthralled with all the characters. Their make up and costumes were a great interpretation of the film, all very colourful, and each character very friendly and helped the children along their way finding the eggs.

boat ride at groombridge

Archie really did have a wonderful time playing with the pebbles on the side walk, getting very dirty and most of all enjoying himself very much.

A at Groombridge

A playing at groombridge

S and A holding hands groombridge

We were very lucky the weather was great for us, it was supposed to rain all day but it was warm and we were able to enjoy the out doors.

Archie and Sophia loved all the characters, especially the Mad Hatter.

Mad hatter at groombridge

I love this picture of Archie and Sophia, Archie is really trying to see over the the other side, always trying to do things he is too small to do. It so cute to watch him try.

view at groombridgeThe children absolutely loved paying with the giant chess pieces, Archie was trying his hardest to pick up the wooden pieces, but they were a bit too heavy. He even went to the knights and kissed all four of them, without any prompt it was very cute indeed!

A chess at GroombridgeOn one of the walks we took around Groombridge Place I fell in love with the beautiful trees, and nature. I captured a couple amazing photos.

bridge at Groombridge

View at groombridge place

We had a fantastic time as a family at Groombridge Place and Gardens, as we always do. Groombridge Place never fails to make a great family friendly event. Thank you for having us!


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    • Tanita
      April 13, 2015 / 10:57 am

      Me too Katie it was a fantastic day out really recommend it x

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