Changes I would love to make to our Kitchen

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I cant believe this month its been 3 years since we renovated our kitchen. As its been three years this month I wanted to do an update for you and show you what it looks like now and changes I am looking to make to it in the near future.

Our house is on the market and it seems quite slow here in the south east at the moment, right now we are not in a rush and I’m feeling quite easy going about the whole thing, which is nice because I wasn’t a few months ago. Even though its on the market, I still cant quite imagine myself living anywhere else. But we will see how it all goes.

While we are still living here I also want to make sure we are all still comfortable and happy. And any changes that we do make will be beneficial for the future buyers.

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Our kitchen is little but I love it, we extended it last year to make a dinning room. Its a lovely space especially when we have friends and family over. I love our kitchen units, they are white gloss and so easy to clean. I remember a few people said they’d never have white kitchen units with children but they are so easy to clean and are still in as new condition.

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If you want to see what the kitchen looked like before I did a video. It was in an awful condition I cant even believe it used to look the way it did.

The kitchen is so much more practical now and we have so much more counter space which makes cooking in our kitchen enjoyable, as we struggled for counter space before we renovated.

I absolutely love our little kitchen, its nothing luxurious, but I spend a lot of my time in here feeding my family and cleaning up. I love being in here. There is a few things I would change in terms of having our washing machine in here. But we will move that to the side of the house in the warmer months or hopefully in the new year of course depending if we are still here. Which I am sure we will be as people don’t tend to buy around Christmas time.

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We will make the side of the house into a laundry room. Which means we will have more space in the kitchen and dinning area. Ive been wanting to do it for a while now but the side of the house needs a good clear out first.

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Things I would like to change in the kitchen:

First I’d love to add some wall cabinets. When we initially fitted the kitchen we decided to go with the lovely oak shelves which my husband handmade he is so creative and I just love what he has done with them. We did this to give the illusion of more space and I really think it worked. But now having three children and more Tupperware we definitely need a few more kitchen units.

I would like to get a smaller extractor fan so we can have a kitchen wall unit on either side. I have seen some lovely kitchen units from Kitchen Warehouse. And at such competitive prices too.

I’d love to get a small kitchen Island I have seen one in Ikea that I’d love.

I’d also like to add a rug to make it more cosy in here.

Just some small adjustments I’d like to make but I think will make a huge difference to the feel in here and can be done on a reasonable budget too.

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There is always something I am thinking of doing to our home to make it more homely and more functional for us. I don’t think you are ever really done finishing your house, there is always something you can add or change. But we enjoy it. Making your house a home is so satisfying especially when you see it all come together.

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  1. November 11, 2018 / 10:06 pm

    I LOVE your kitchen! We went for white cabinets too and find it really easy to keep clean, I’d originally opted for a grey but was worried it’d look too dark so swapped to white. I’d also love a kitchen island too but don’t have the space as ours is a kitchen/diner. x

    • Tanita
      November 13, 2018 / 1:37 pm

      Thank you lovely!! Yes I love our white cabinets too. It can be quite a dark room so definitely does brighten it up. Ours is not too big either so if I got the kitchen island would only be a small one. xx

  2. September 6, 2019 / 5:55 am

    The shape and color of your kitchen is so lovely, so classy. I love all about it. The idea of adding green to the kitchen is so relaxing. Great ideas and great, thanks a lot to your post.

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