Brother and Sister | September


I have kept up with Katie’s beautiful sibling posts for a long time now and have been wanting to join in for some time. I think it is a beautiful way to capture the growing bond between your children something beautiful to look back on.

The last two weeks have been different for us as a family. Especially for my two little ones. Sophia has started school, and they are no longer together full time at home. Surprisingly they have both dealt with it so well. I think this is due to Sophia only having a three hour day at school each day. There is no time for Archie to miss her just yet. He has quite enjoyed playing without her for those three hours each day. Some of the days we have spent around town, running errands or visiting a couple of nurseries for him. When we collect Sophia from school we are then free to spend the afternoons as we like and we always do something fun. Sophia had gym after school this week, as I have signed her back up. that was my plan after we left in March while we were moving, to start her again when she started school. It has all worked out perfectly and gymnastics is something she really enjoys.



One thing my children enjoy is having a snack in the afternoon on the sofa watching a little bit of telly while I prepare dinner. It is kind of a ‘thing’ in our house. This time I decided to take a couple of pictures of them. Lately I have been noticing how very much Archie is growing up. He is 21 months old and tries to do everything Sophia does. He amazes me with his ability to be a ‘big boy’. I feel so lucky everyday that I had a little girl and a little boy. I always wanted to have one of each, although I always wanted to have two girls, I know I would have been very happy and satisfied with either. I just feel lucky that it turned out way that it did so I was lucky enough to experience the magical and ever so special feelings you experience having a little girl. I love that. I love that I am experienced in all things ‘girl’ I know what its like to be girl I have great advice and an overfilling pot of stories and life experiences to tell her about. I love it that we can go shopping together, she can use my make up, I can do her hair. I love it all. Having a little girl has been a blessing. And then you have my son, completely different, I know nothing about been a ‘boy’, all I know is I love this little boy to the ends of the world. Our bond is so strong he kisses and cuddles me all day, he greets me with such love and happiness, he looks to me as his one and only. It is a little difficult to put into words all of it and what it is like to have a boy, but I am sure any mums with boys will completely understand. I love both my children so much and individually they have given me so much. They full my heart to the brim. It is almost overflowing with the beauty of it all.

Sophia is such a wonderful big sister, always taking the ‘mothering’ role, showing Archie all about this life, encouraging him when he draws a picture. Telling him how fantastic he is. She really is such a great role model and budding companion for him. And Archie to Sophia well he is at the age where he is really establishing himself as part of this little family, if Sophia is upset or hurts herself he will put his hand on her shoulder tilt his head and say: ‘tee okay yea, yea’ It is the most sweetest thing. He is really turning into the most caring and considerate little man. He is going to make such a wonderful husband (if I do say so myself!) he is so cuddly and loveable and he has the cheekiest grin, what more could a girl want? I certainly couldn’t want more from either of my two, they are truly perfect in every way, both cheeky both full of beans and both so very special to me.



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