Anxiously awaiting April 2015

I applied for Sophia’s primary school place today. I hope she gets our first choice. It’s such a lovely school. I knew straight away, walking into the building the light and airy reception area with surrounding glass doors, it made the space seem larger and more open than it really was. Children’s art work hung from each wall, brightly coloured and beautifully displayed. I was in a great atmosphere, a happy place.

You know when you just know, something is right for you. It just rings your bells! Like you should be there, like this is a part of your future. Well that’s exactly how I felt. I could see my daughter quietly and conscientiously walking the corridors, giggling and making friends and happy playing out on the green grass without a care in the world.

“It is perfect” I thought to myself, over and over again, with every word the head teacher spoke, and how passionately the reception teacher sang the schools praises, I felt at home. These are good people, this is a caring environment which Sophia will thrive.

I am so thankful I decided to look at this school because funnily enough it overlapped with another schools open day so I was going to miss it out. But I suppose the world had other plans because a new date was made and not being 100% on the previous schools I had viewed for Sophia I wanted to take a look.

There will only be an intake of 15 children which some of which will be filled spaces already by siblings. It is a small reception class which I love. Then following that years 1 and 2 are a shared classroom, as with years 3,4 and 5,6. I love this because the school becomes a small close knit community, like a family, with support and great development along the way for each child individually.

Experiencing both a small school setting and large school setting growing , up I see benefits of both, I have fond memories of my friends and my school days. So it doesn’t matter if the school you choose for your child is small or big. It’s about the people who reside there, the energy that surrounds the building and feeling and intuition you get from being in that space. And when I arrived at this school my heart sang to me! It’s the very one I wish for Sophia to go to.

I will do an updated post round about the 16th of April 2015 when the results of Sophia’s place will be available to let you know if she got in.

Wish us luck


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