#AD The Most Precious Gifts in life

*This is a collaborative post

My children are the most important little people in my life. They make me who I am and I don’t think i’d be half the lady I am today without them. 

They say the greatest jewels you will ever wear around your neck are your children’s arms and it couldn’t be more true at all. I was kindly sent this beautiful necklace from oNecklace and I am completely in love with it. Mostly because it has such huge sentimental value to me. It has the initial of each of my children’s names and their dates of birth engraved on the silver circles. 

I don’t know if I’ll ever want to take it off! it’s really special to me. And holds such sentimental value. 

Having items like this that mean so much and I get to wear daily, reminds me of all the beauty I have right in front of me, all the gifts available to me in my life. Sophia and Archie have just broken up for summer last week and we have been enjoying each others company and adjusting to having each other around 24/7.

I always personally feel there is this huge adjustment period. Adjusting to them being at home, adjusting to more chaos and more mess. And me basically feeling a lot more out of control with those aspects of my life. My home and work is even more of a juggle for me when Sophia and Archie are home from school. But I try my best.

I also know that this feeling of chaos and feeling out of control does not take away from the fact I am so happy to have them home, and that I can’t wait to spend every single day with them. The way I do summer is to fully embrace it with all of me, to relax and not allow the tidiness of the house and the unstructured days stress me out. I choose to embrace them and make the best of every single day. 

I think the main thing is also to try release that guilt. Don’t feel guilty for taking a day to work and earn money for your family to have a lovely summer. Don’t feel guilty for not doing so many fun things, don’t feel guilty for having too many pack lunches, don’t feel guilty for any of it. You are enough just as you are and our children want our time more than anything. They want us present and they want us happy. 

I enjoy working and I love my job so much. I feel very lucky I get to work from home and have the flexibility of working around my children. It doesn’t mean its easy and can be quite a challenge really especially with no childcare help whatsoever during the week or over the summer. But despite all the minor details and the juggling I do love it very much. 

Having Sophia and Archie home this last week has been so lovely. They have been so relaxed and really enjoyed the quieter days, we all have enjoyed not having to rush out of the house that’s for sure! 

We have lots of plans over the summer, and most of our plans are very ordinary. For me finding the beauty in the ordinary is something that sparks so much joy in me. It reminds me of this beautiful life we have and all the gifts we are lucky enough to have too. Being able to get outdoors in the sun is a gift, being able to spend all of the days with our children is a gift. Summer Holidays are all about the chaos, exhaustion, sun kissed skin, highlighted hair, eating all the ice cream. It really is the most simple things that keep our little ones happy. And we must never forget that. Take the pressure off yourself to do everything.

I just want them to grow up with memories of me being here always and them feeling secure and content. I often need to remind myself of my reasons for choosing to stay at home, for then doing my degree from home with a three month old baby, and for then choosing to work from home. I sometimes need to remind myself why I started it why I choose to do things differently and my way. It’s not everyone’s ideal and I don’t think a lot of people take what I do seriously here online or really understand that I make a humble income. An income that would surely be a lot less if I had chosen to go back to work and pay for childcare. So I am doing my best and I think the most important thing is that I know that. And if you feel similar know that you are not alone and I hear you. 

Wearing this beautiful oNecklace will be a little reminder to me of everything I do for my three little ones. Everything I do is to give them the best I possibly can, in terms of my time and me. 

I want them in years to come to remember all the simple ordinary moments over their summer holidays with me and how they didn’t even have a chance to miss me because I was always around and there when they most needed me. Thats the mum I want to be for them. And that will always be at the heart of every major decision I make in my life. 

Family really is the most precious gift and I will always nurture mine as best I can. We all need each other, we are a team and we can get through anything together. 

*Thank you to the lovely people at oNecklace for inspiring this post and for reminding me of the power of family and beautiful sentiments like this beautiful personalised piece of jewellery. 


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