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Just recently over the February half term we were invited to visit Diggerland UK, we were all excited, especially Sophia and Archie as they had visited before with their granny and grandad, and were both looking so forward to visiting again.

We set off early on the Saturday morning and arrived just after 10am. The park opens at 10am. We were also very lucky as the day we went it was the most beautiful weather and we all ended up taking our coats and jumpers off as the day went on because it was so warm!

Our Day at Diggerland UK

We had such a lovely time. Dan and I have never been before, but Sophia and Archie have gone a while ago with their grandparents. It’s about and hours drive for us so we wanted to make a full day we stayed till 3pm. It closes at 4pm. We really made the most of our day at Diggerland, and went on as many rides as possible.

Sophia even attempted the Spindizzy ride with me, even I was scared at first but she did so well. You do go really high and really fast. It was the last ride that we went on and as we were walking to the car she said she was still shaking from being so nervous! I am so proud of her for attempting it though and coming on with me she did so well. And I really do love a good ride. I could just about do Spindizzy, it was fun. For a full list of all the rides at Diggerland follow this link I’ve included for you.

It was genuinely such a lovely family day out, we always have the best time when we are out together. We don’t often go to big attractions like these so when we do its so much fun. The children had the best time and there was such a variety of things for them to do that they never once got bored. We took the day as it came and walked around the whole park, going on rides as we ventured along.


We took our own pack lunch. Which I was really pleased that Diggerland allow you to do this. Especially because Arthur is only one years old and it’s important I still make his lunch. I like to know I’ve got food with me he will enjoy. So I don’t know what the food at Diggerland was like and can’t comment on that. 

It was also such a lovely warm day and having the option of eating our lunch out in the sun on one of the benches was really lovely. There are loads of benches scattered around the park so plenty of space to sit down and have a picnic lunch if you bring your own. 

The big two had a lemonade ice cream after their lunch from the ice cream truck at Diggerland. They were very pleased.

Wait times for rides 

We visited during half term weekend and it was really busy. There were queues for most rides as the day went on. But it wasn’t too much of a long wait and we found it fine. Quicker then most theme parks we’ve been to previously. 

As we arrived as soon as the park opened we were able to go on a few rides with no queues to start with. 

Children’s ages and enjoyment

The children loved all the rides they went on and we all really enjoyed ourselves. It’s a really great place different to any other theme park I’ve been to especially because it is all centred around diggers and dumpers, and there is a muddy track to go round on a dumper and it’s just really great fun.

I’ve never been to anything like it before. And Sophia and my boys Archie and Arthur were so happy and had such a great time.

Sophia is 8 and could go on every ride, Archie is 5 and could go on most of the rides apart from about 3 or 4 which was absolutely fine and he wasn’t phased at all. 

Arthur being one could go on quite a few rides with the help of an adult, most of the rides you need to be at least 80cm but can be accompnied by an adult if a little smaller.

I think on the day he only went on two with his dad and I. But he had such a great time walking around the park looking at all the diggers. I wouldn’t hesitate to take a younger child knowing how much fun Arthur had at 15 months old. 

The park caters for all ages and there is a range of rides and fun things for them to do. 

Initially when we arrived on first look we thought we’d be really quick around the park as there didn’t seem to be such a variety but as we walked around the park and saw actually how big it is and how much there is to do we knew we’d easily make a whole day of it at Diggerland UK

Customer service 

One thing that super impressed me was the friendly staff. The customer service was impeccable and all were so accommodating and encouraging of the children when they went on a ride. I really loved this aspect as we felt so welcomed. I think this is a really important part and makes it all that more enjoyable. So thank you to Diggerland Kent for having such great staff, they did a fabulous job during our visit. 

Soft play 

There is also a soft play area at Diggerland which was the perfect size for all. There is also an outside play area in a gated off area for the children to play, it looked more catered to younger children. Dan and I grabbed a coffee each and sat and watched the kids play while Arthur had a nap in his pushchair. 

Later on in the day Duggy and Dolly the characters came out and even sat next to Sophia on one of the rides. Archie was asking lots of questions about them. 

All in all we had a fabulous time. We wouldn’t hesitate to visit again. Its about an hours drive for us. And was a really lovely family day out for all of us.

I took so many photos and honestly had the best day with my family. The children even said it was their best day ever of the half term! It was loads of fun. We would just like to just say a big thank you to Diggerland UK for having us and we will definitely be back to visit again soon.

*Complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review.


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    We’re off here at Easter – I cannot wait!! x

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