AD | Getting ready for big school with Trunki

I cannot believe it is merely just days until Arthur starts preschool. He adores his new little Trunki lunchbox and drink bottle. He cant wait to take it along with him on his first day.

He was supposed to start going to a childminder in April but with the pandemic and of course we ended up moving it all fell through. He was so excited. Just before we moved I put him on the waiting list at a lovely preschool where we have moved to. And just before the summer I had the good news that he had a place. I am so happy for him, he’ll be going to such a lovely preschool.

It feels so surreal that he is off to preschool finally, he is more than ready bless him and out of all three of them he has had to wait the longest to start school. He has been joined to my hip for almost three years. So it is quite a big milestone for both of us.

I am so very proud of him and so excited to see him on his new journey at preschool. He just absolutely melts my heart. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

He is very lucky that Trunki got in touch and wanted to send him all his new lunch bits for his first day to preschool. He had such fun opening his new lunch box and little containers. He especially loved his water bottle and that he can carry his new lunch box on his back like a backpack. What a fab idea by Trunki.

He will be taking a pack lunch to preschool and its something he loves that I do for him when we are off out for the day and a pack lunch might be needed. He’ll always ask me mummy where’s mine pack lunch. He loves to hold it.

In just a few short days he’ll be off onto his next little chapter, my third and final time experiencing all the firsts up until preschool. It feels huge for me and makes my heart burst. I can’t believe we are here at this point in his little life. It feels like yesterday he was born, a tiny little bundle passed to me and his new warm little body snuggled onto my chest. My memories so vivid.

I am so happy he’ll have his little Trunki lunch set which he’ll be very excited to show his teacher’s. My little boy is growing up.

I asked him what he is most excited about starting at his new preschool, and he said the toys. He is too cute.


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